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Childhood Memories

4 Juni 2020   03:50 Diperbarui: 4 Juni 2020   03:46 13 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

         my first child was born on March 25, 2001, Diah ayu anggraini the name given by my father.  my most memorable memory as a child.  My father and mother used to farm me and my sister always went to the rice fields even though I only played with mud every school holiday.  One day when my mother and father planted onions, my brother and I played as usual, suddenly there was a snake I ran away leaving my brother.  when I recall I always laughed with my sister.  

          When I was in the third grade of elementary school the teacher had a sudden picnic and of course my parents were working in my rice field and went on a picnic with my pocket money.  It is really sad to remember, but it was a valuable experience for me.  only that impressed me because the days when I was a child were what other kids were doing, playing, crying, going to school.  oh yes, what I remember the most when I got a good rating at school was what I wanted my parents to grant.  it makes me excited to be proud of my parents. 

      when elementary school most like to take part in various learning competitions seriously if it gets bad grades or ranks down I feel sad.  traveling with family is my dream and it came true even though I was very happy to be able to vacation with family.  I miss a vacation with family I hope I can vacation with my family again.