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Respond Essay for Argumentative Esaay by Katie Howell Biofuel for Indonesia

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According to Katie Howell, there are several important signal that industrial algae-based fuel may be poised to grow as the company Sapphire Energy is engaged in the field of energy, especially energy intake terbaruhkan, he also never said that this technology is very unique because it can produce a fuel that can be used to those in the US pipelines, refineries, cars, trucks and airplanes so on. And they are now 100% convinced that the only way to tackle the problem of climate change and energy security today is to use some of the infrastructure that is already owned at this time. Other benefits and main palin of algae as the raw material of the fuel is consumed massive of CO2 (carbon dioxide). so as to reduce the greenhouse effect. But Tim Zenk, a corporate vice president in the company that takes care of Sapphire Energy, do not think that will happen until the Congress encicts with some policy changes.

In the United States, the government has burned nearly 3.8 m liters per year "cellulose" for biofuels made from woody plants in 2013. And if the decline of biofuels that will impact all over the world, they will have to adjust the economy is far from the tropical climate South America, where sugar can thrive and affordable. The only commercial facility currently can create a drop-in fuel directly from biomass wood can be operated by start-up is called KiOR. ( 2013). This means that biofuels (biofuels) in other countries such as the United States has a very significant development of biofuels to meet the country's energy mix them with the development of biofuel production facilities or using facilities oil production that is increasingly less demand to convert into biofuel production.

In Indonesia alone, the use and production of biofuels as one of the national energy mix is ​​set in the "Regulation of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 5 of 2006 Regarding National Energy Policy". In Article 1, paragraph 5, biofuels including one of the renewable energy generated by natural energy sources will be exhausted and can not be sustainable if managed with care and maximum. While, in Article 2, paragraph 2, biofuel production in Indonesia will reach approximately 5% of the total energy mix Indonesia in 2025. This means that the government of Indonesia in 2025 will use biofuel to the fullest and will start the development of biofuel production in some areas of potential in Indonesia. By doing so, Indonesia will no longer dependence on oil which is increasingly little (oil crisis) and the rise in oil prices could make people anxious and inhibited productivity Indonesian Indonesian community in delivering products for their survival. But in 2025 the people of Indonesia will be happy because biofuel production will increase. And it can help further increase the productivity of Indonesian people.

In the Indonesian market price index, the price of biofuels is set in the "Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Number: 0219K / 12 / MEM / 2010 Concerning The Price Fuel Market Index and price BakarNabati Materials Market Index (Biofuel) The Fused Into Operation Fuel Certain oils. In Article 2 states that the price of the biofuel market index set for biodiesel types based on the benchmark price of biodiesel from palm oil exports are regulated by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia and bioethanol types based on the price of publications Argus for ethanol FOB Thailand. This means the government pass through their Ministry has set the price of the biofuel market indices in Indonesia. As it is, this shows that the government is developing biofuels for developing all of Indonesia's energy mix by 2025.

In conclusion, by looking at other countries that use biofuels as an energy mix their respective countries how development to date? The government can use the maximum potential Indonesian sea is so vast and there is energy for the development of algae as biofuel in Indonesian known as Bio fuel material may be one of the energy mix Indonesia renewable energy by 2025. And by looking at the benefits of biofuels as explained above it is not possible premises will be more independent from oil dependence in the days to come.


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