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Jean Piaget's Theory of Cognitivism

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Jean Piaget's Theory of Cognitivism
“It is with children that we have the best chance of studying the development of logical knowledge, mathematical knowledge, physical knowledge"

This week, we'll look at Piaget's cognitivism Theory, which explains how children learn as they grow. Piaget emphasizes that the child develops abilities in cognitive structures established via experiences and stimuli from infancy. My views about how children learn at a young age are consistent with Piaget's formulations, which is why I was eager to write about this theory.

Understanding children's cognitive growth and psychology at each level, in my opinion, is critical for improving and enriching children's learning.

I've witnessed firsthand how quickly kids learn. During the earliest years of a child's existence, the child's intellect and mental talents, such as memory, problem-solving, or reasoning, develop.

Piaget is a well-known psychologist who made groundbreaking findings regarding childhood and the development of intellect in children. He committed his life to study developmental phases and understand how our patterns of learning, thinking, and cognitive growth change at each level. In this reflection, I will describe Piaget's theory briefly.

This theory is significant to me because it explains how children learn so quickly at such a young age. Because the child’s setting is immersive and engaging, quick learning is possible. According to this theory, as the kid develops, will gain specific logic functions, including classification, imitation, interpretation, and subsequently relationship. As the child learns their meaning, they will learn to talk and advance in this area.

According to Piaget’s theory, children progress through particular stages based on their intellect and capacity to understand mature relationships. All children in all countries experience these phases of child development in the same order. However, age might differ somewhat across children.

Children do not know how to empathize like adults until they reach adolescence, and they have a “selfish attitude” depending on their age and aptitudes, and it is natural for children to make errors.

Normal cognitive development happens during a child’s childhood when kids “learn to think,” or rather engage with the world in which they live. It refers to a sequence of developmental changes in a child’s life that are marked by stages from when they are born through preadolescence.

Piaget suggested four stages of child development, namely:

  •  Sensorimotor stage: from birth to two years.
  •  Ages 2 to 7 in the preoperational stage.
  •  Concrete operational stage: 7 to 11 years old
  •  Ages 12 and above for formal operational stage.

I'd want to examine the aspects of Jean Piaget's theory with which I disagree. 

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