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Puisi: Anger Within the Cold

18 Maret 2023   13:12 Diperbarui: 20 Maret 2023   23:54 124
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Tell me how to put down the fire

No longer will I be plagued by another hopeless attempt to smile at life's peculiarity

So let me accept my fate

For I'm but another child of a loveless entity, forever trapped within the endless desire of a company

I beg the Lord to let me embrace the cold 

Let it burry me below the ocean floor, free from my bold insanity

I'm sure that I've traded my soul  

Sold it for the devil's gift of careless autonomy

Still, I can't escape your beauty

And it makes me angry that the cold cannot save me

You remain an anomaly, tearing apart the ice surrounding my heart

Love gives me nothing but misery, still, the Lord is not done to put the hurt on me

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