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Founding Fathers, Different Ideology for Indonesia

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Anniversary Republic of Indonesia 71 th, 17 Agust 2016, Indonesia has been growing to be a big country. It could'nt be desparated from struggle of the Best citizen, they are founding fathers. AT least, based on experts, Indonesia has four significant founding fathers. Soekarno, Moh. Hatta, Tan Malaka and Soetan Sjahrir.

The Founding Father of Indonesia, they come from different ideologi and etnics. They are influenced by various education and background. They had different interested and different way for one solution, that is independence of Indonesia.

One ethnic Group has extremly different although origin from one tribe. Education and culture has been bringing the Minang ethnic to dominate Indonesian founding fathers. They came from various spectrum ideology; nasionalist, sosialist, islamist, dan communist.

Tan Malaka, he is popular as a leader communist internasional, is called left ideology, the Founder of Murba Party, before going to Netherland, he is a Datuk, however, he has interested to study communist and sosialist. Madilog and Naar de Republik Indonesia, the fenomenal creation Who said independence 100 percent without compromise, so that, he was idolized by Soekarno especially in arraging concept of Indonesian Country. He was called as a brain kidnapping Soetan Sjahrir.

Moh Hatta is a Nasionalist, was born in Bukittinggi, educated in Islamic values, Hatta together with Soetan Sjahrir educated in Netherland, he is Founder of New PNI, in the end of vice presiden, He opposited each other because Presiden Soekarno supported communist.

Then, Soetan Sjahrir is a Sosialist, Founder PSI, and merge ini New PNI. Depend on his thought, He educated cadre toward revolution, movement of labor and humanity values or anti violence. He accelerate underground movement. Sjahrir likewise Hatta, after PRRI, opposited and different direction with Soekarno, untill he was jailed and PSI was disolved.

Agus Salim is a Islamist, founder Sarekat Islam (SI), has educated in Saudi Arabia, his thought the same with common people in Saudi Arabia, influence with Muhammad ibnu Abdul Wahhab, and He is also nephew of Ahmad Khatib Al-Minangkabawi. Agus Salim is popular with his diplomacy, the mastery of foreign language acquition and oral culture of minangkabau brought him to be powerful in diplomacy.

So how, Mohammad Natsir, founder Masyumi Party, a Islamist, but the Ducth education, the first one a warrior of the balance of centre and regional. Nevertheless, He was in Jailed by Soekarno and Soeharto, because opposite with style of leadership Soekarno and Soeharto that dictator, fasism and ignore Islamic values While in abroad Natsir has been honourable as a Moslem Warrior.

He is a great orator, bloody Java and Bali, Soekarno is a Secular, Nasionalist, His inspiration is Founder Turki Republic, Kemal Attarturk, close to communist by suporrting DN Aidit, communist Party. Different with PNI Hatta, as New PNI. PNI on Soekarno relyed on the masses. Nasionalism whose Soekarno built on solidarity hierarcist, feodal, actually was facism, the greates enemies the progress of the world and people.

Mohammad Yamin, a humanist, lawyer, He is a composer of youth pledge, image of Indonesia, established malay language modern became Indonesian language, the same with Soekarno and Hatta, He is also bearer the idea of pancasila.

That Figures had various ideology, especially for six figures come from the same origin is minangkabau, but they extremly different ideology, however the goal one, welfare and progress, independence, of Indonesia. The important thing which made them to be a gratest Man is education, culture, really run Islamic way, extensive network and nice idea.