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Surviving The First 100 Days as A First Time Manager - Part 4: Love Them or Lose Them!

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Hey I am back..!! GOD, It really feels good to be able to write again! And I am still keeping my promise to complete my writing in this topic. Love Them or Lose Them is another practicaly strong guidence for you on how to survive on your first 100 days as a first time manager. The tips I am going to give here are simple yet meaningful that will keep your conidence high in front of your sub-ordinates. Love them or lose them comprise two phrases that you need to focuse on: First: You need to love your job in the way you'll be loved by yor sub-ordinates.What 'the heck' does it means, you might ask! My explaination to this will be simple.. "Do what ever it takes to lead them to success." In more classical way I would say: "your sucess as a leader is depend on their success, so it is imperative for you to help them success." Loving is a verb form of the word "love". It has a very broad and universal meaning but can be simlify into more concrete meaning. In this case, "loving" has specific intepretations related to career world. And in order to survive your first 100 days as a first time manager you have to establish the four elements below which I called The Element of Respect.

  1. Gain Trust and Give Trust. Trust is an essential element in all aspect of life including career. You can only success if you have a high level of trust surounding you. The first thing you need to do to establish this element is to gain trust from your employee. By having trust, it wil be easier for you to propose or promote something to your sub-ordinate. Then you also need to show your trust to them in return. This way they  will feel respected and consider you as their coach or mentor rather than a boss. In other words, you can say this to your self: "I know I can trust you the way you can trust me."
  2. Be dependable. What ever you do in your job, make sure that you can be depend on. Your sub-ordinate will respect you more and follow your instruction happily if you are dependable. his of course related to the techical skills that you have built during your time as an employee. In other words, you can say this to yor self "I will Do what I say I will Do."
  3. Be open. It goes withoutsaying that it's related to communication. In any occasion and opportunity to communicate somethin with your employee, you have to be "open". "Open" here means that you need to know what to say and what need not to be said. However, it is better for you to always be frank of what you are comunicating so as to avoid perception that you have a hidden agenda in your commuication. I return, you have to be open to their feedback as well because you will probably learn something important from their feedback.
  4. Raise your acceptance. All the three elements above will be meaningless without an acceptance from both side. But first, you need to raise your own acceptance to any idea or feedback from your employee. By giving them an equal opportunity to share their thought and feeling, they will also raise their acceptance to you.

Apply those four element of respect in your daily activity with your employee and see the result! The second phrase of the quote that I want you to focus on is: You need to avoid anything that will decrease the level of respect you get from your employee. Literaly, this is the opposite of The Element of Respect. But to be more specific, I will state couples of thngs you need to avoid in order to keep ob safe.

  1. Bossy
  2. Don't know what you're doing
  3. Rude
  4. Defensive

Needless to say, you must have known the meaning of those four negative elements. I don't want to give further description to them because I don't want to write a negative thing that could have a negative impact of exposure, so I just put it that way. To your success! Agung