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Indonesian Education System

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Indonesian Education System

Education is one of the important aspects in people's life in a country. The quality of education will affect how the lifestyle and even the mindset of the people. The level of education can also measure the level of progress in the country, the better the quality of the people.

As a result, people who play a big role, such as the ranks of government, even those who play a minor role, such as the public, can do their role well. In fact, the level of education affects the mindset, if the mindset of the community is advanced, it will minimize the occurrence of social conflict between communities.

Every country has their own education system. The education system is a strategy or method so that students can explore and develop a potential within themselves. The education system supports the success of an education, it can be seen when the education system is designed accordingly and can be implemented properly in society.       

Indonesia adheres to a national education system. The national education system is an integrated whole component of education to achieve the goals of national education. National education in Indonesia is based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

It functions to develop abilities, shape character, form a dignified national civilization and educate the nation's life. The national education system has several principles, i.e. :

  • Education is conducted democratically and with justice, and is not discriminatory
  • Education is organized as a systemic unit with an open and multi-meaning system.
  • Education is held as a lifelong process of cultivating and empowering students.
  • Education is held by modeling and building the will.
  • Education is held by developing a culture of reading, writing and counting for all members of society.
  • Education is held by empowering all components of society through participation in the administration and quality control of education services.

However, the reality is that the education system in Indonesia is not yet running according to its goals and principles. We can even see it from the environment around us or the mass media.

The first problem is that education in Indonesia is like printing or producing "human robots". This is because Indonesian education is still one-sided, there is an imbalance between learning that thinks (cognitive) and learning that feels (affective).

The second problem is that the system is still top-down (from top to bottom), namely bank style education. This system does not really liberate students because students are seen as ignorant human beings. The teacher will give directions to memorize the content of the lesson. 

Knowledge is like being transferred to the student's brain, if necessary, the knowledge can just be taken. So students only accommodate what the teacher says. Teacher as subject and student as object. This system is not free and oppresses the disciples.

The third problem, this education system is only to meet the needs of the times, not to be critical of the times.

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