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Planet With (2018), a Collosal Ride with Mizukami's Work

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Planet With (2018), a Collosal Ride with Mizukami's Work

In a surge of clich story and moe character overall anime works it is refreshing to see something original and have unique storyline in anime works. That refreshing wind can be found in Mizukami's last work titled "Planet With" which ended last week. I watched it and it  was amazing, the fun wild ride you get while watching this anime is really memorable.

The story is very colossal as it involve multiple planet  war against dragon the planet destroyer.  In the first episode, you can see that it was not your usual plot as the main character Kuroi Soya appear as an antagonist and in the end he act as the leader of the intergalactic psychic against the dragon. Along with interesting plot, it also offer power up in form of sort of cute cat robot which amazingly did not hinder it from having a really good fight and action.
You cannot just hate the characters, even though annoying and seems typical anime character you cannot help to feel emotional and attached to them. I felt crushed when soya's back story and emotion fell through the scene in episode 8. You will love every character even the antagonist, because of his conviction. You will also love how lovable sensei and ginko (the most lovable girl of the series) is and how they support Soya and stay by his side.

I am impressed how this 12 episode of 23 minutes anime show managed to pack more story and emotion even more than some works that have 24 or more episodes. FURTHERMORE, it actually ends all the plot and sub stories within those 12 episodes.

There are a lot of message to be found as well in this anime series. There is a message of conviction and trust. the most important message that is relayed through Mizukami's work for me is all about love and forgiveness. This theme will be really apparent to you if you read his manga works titled "Spirit Circle" which I also recommend you to read which is as amazing as this anime.
Since, every episode is not wasted, the voice acting is good and able to convey emotion, and more than all of that it has a good original story. I rate this anime 10 out of 10. YOU SHOULD WATCH IT IF YOU LIKE ANIME OR MANGA.