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Student Ethics in Online Learning

24 Maret 2021   07:53 Diperbarui: 24 Maret 2021   07:58 68 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Currently, in the epidemic era, online learning is the foremost solution for carrying out a learning in the line of education, students must take part in this online learning so that they do not miss the material presented by the lecturer. even though it is a little informal, students must follow the rules and ethics that apply, as for ethics that must be met so that students are civilized in the face of learning during a pandemic.

First, students enter on time in participating in the lesson even though the learning activities are online, students must still follow the learning on time. In fact, students should be able to do it earlier because the online learning system is done at home. do not be late for reasons not  wake up.

Second, using good and polite language in learning activities in every learning activity, there will always be discussion sessions where students and lecturers discuss the material presented. well, the most important thing that must be considered is the manners and language used in lecture activities by students, so that lecture activities can be carried out comfortably.

Third, being neat and polite, having a neat appearance is very important when learning with virtual methods that usually use zoom media or google meet, why is it so important?? Because a neat appearance will be a lecturer 's assessment of students where the lecturer judges that students with neat planes are ready to take part in lessons, so that it becomes an added value for the assessment.

Fourth, ethics in online learning must also pay attention to ethics in contacting lecturers if there is a need, be: saying greetings as a chat opening or introducing yourself to break the ice. Convey the questions asked in good, polite and straightforward language. thank you if you get answers that match the questions. pay attention to the time, because lecturers are not always able to reply, lecturers also have time outside of their work.