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Hello. Welcome to my blog. A little bit about me: I live in Indonesia. I have been working in education sectors (secondary and tertiary levels), management, training, as well as humanitarian works. I was particularly building my career as a counselor and a therapy practitioner, and also would like to pursue my specialisation in the field of Special Needs Education in the near future. I like reading, writing, volunteering works and learning new things. That's why I'm keen to consider myself as a lifelong learner.




Become an Entrepreneur? Why Not?

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Become an Entrepreneur? Why Not?
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It is more likely that the purpose of education today is "to obtain the employees" rather than "to become the entrepreneurs". What I learned is that the purpose of the "future education" should be able to attain the entrepreneurship skill in various fields. It is the time to be equipped with entrepreneurial skills in whatever fields they would like to pursue, in accordance with their own interests.

This background have encouraged me to attend a seminar on how to become a successful entrepreneur and at the same time to gain successful in running a company, as well as to enhance the leadership's capacity.

The seminar was Brian Tracy's Seminar themed "Getting Rich Your Own Way" held by Excellent Learning Center in Jakarta. It was delivered by Mrs. Sutrisna Ellies, well-known as a Master License and Certified Coach Brian Tracy Focal Point Coaching, License Practitioner of NLP, Certified Fire walk Trainer, book writer, entrepreneur, as well as a speaker and a trainer.

At least there are some important points from this seminar, which I will gladly to share briefly, as follows:

There are 3 formulas in Business Coach. They are: Time, Team and Money.

  1. Time: related to the productivity, which is suggested that business must be more productive.
  2. Team: success must "be shared" with others (help others to succeed), and grateful for success will attract other successful.
  3. Money: Profitability or profit.

Some goals that could be reached:

  1. It does not matter where you are coming from. All the matters are where you are going. (Brian Tracy)
  2. Do not care of what people are saying. It is important that what it's in the heart.
  3. Start with the end in mind: goals/visions/objectives.
  4. Usable and practical.

Another point is that if we want to be successful, we always have to see the new opportunities: Seeing the opportunity from the different directions (from North to South and from East to West). For example, spread the business cards and determine the segmentation. In addition, if the opportunity's seekers want to be the winner, they must proactive, responsible, ownership (have the successful life to the coming years), visionary (long-term goals), and be excellent.

Other goals that could be reached:

  1. The true product of a business is the business itself. (Michael Gerber)
  2. Life is a choice. Choice is determined by the subconscious. So be positive because a positive thinking will produce a positive decision.

Become an entrepreneur is a way to become rich. Please compare how to gain the wealthy below: 

  1. Inherit the money (from parents or marriage; this population less than 1%).
  2. Lightning Strike (win lottery, write hit songs or books, actor, singer, entertainer; population less than 1%).
  3. Become a professional (doctor, lawyer; population about 10%).

Unlike the three above, become an entrepreneur is established by mental, financial, time (when the appropriate time to start), intend to learn (from many sources and other experiences), in some point come up with creativity and produce the original product and do not simply imitate others.

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