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Do Not Hold Onto Thing Too Tight!

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Do Not Hold Onto Thing Too Tight!

Do you ever feel your hand a bit poignant when you hold on a thing too tight?This is usually happened to an amateur golf player or a tennis player,like me,ahee..I experienced to hold the stick or racket too tight. Firstly I thought that my grip will determine my success to hit the ball as i expected. But unfortunately its not. I have tried sometimes with a tight grip and I found my skin's fingers wounded. Then I realize, that I should try another way to hit the ball as precise as I could, without hurting my palms.

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Then I try a new method of holding my grip. I no longer use a tight grip, but i loosen it so i feel it swings lighter. And voilaa! I hit better than before. It hurts me no more. Right after this, i will use this lovely grip. A loose but gentle grip, I called it. You need not hurting your palms to direct your racket but you should only know when and where the best part to hit the ball.
So does with your relationship with everyone you love. You don't need to be possessive to whomever you love. Sometimes in life, you tend to hold your beloved one too tight. It is like that you are the only owner of your beloved one. You may be angry if he/she spends his/her time with their friends. You got mad if you find him/her seems not paying attention on you. You like being the one who your beloved one loves the most. Like no one in this world could have him/her except you. Not even his/her parents. And that is not right! You will get hurt someday by doing that way. Let your beloved one doing what he/she likes. As i said before, have a loose but gentle grip. Never hold him/her too tight, but only treat her/him lovely and gently. Why do you think you have to do so? As nothing in this world is yours.

Whatever it is, a house, a spouse, a status, a position, wealth,cash, and every single thing you have with you right now, no exception, will vanish someday.  Nothing in this world is external,including ourselves. Allah, The Almighty, He who owns everything. What is in you, He gave it. What is making you proud, He makes it. Then Thank Allah for those everything. And never think to love anything too much. So never hold onto anything too tight, cause someday you have to release it. All you need to do is just loosing your grip but do it gently!