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A Prayer for Air Crash QZ8501

3 Januari 2015   13:42 Diperbarui: 17 Juni 2015   13:54 49 4 2 Mohon Tunggu...

Dear Allah..
I do know that was your fate
The crash of QZ 8501 happened for Your permission
You're the One who is knowing what was really going on that day
The weather, the storm,the cumulonimbus,are all belong to Your Command
Cause somehow,that was time for some of them to return back to You
Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun..
Surely we belong to You, and to You should we return..
I do know, that crash was an incidentally event that following Your fate
Dear Allah
You're the One who knows where they are right now
I do hope You can help them founded
So that their family can meet them
At least to tell them a last goodbye
And here I am would like to send them a prayer
As that was Your fate
Make that easy for them to walk in Your journey
May You save them by Your side
May You prepare them a nice place in Heaven
May You strengthen their family to cope with this
Then I know, there's nothing in this world eternal
Everyone of us only drop in this world to be tested
Then later You will recall us,to give us the result of the test
Then I ask You to lead our way walking in this world, so that we can do our best
So that someday, we will return to You with a smile in our face..
Amin Ya Rabbal Alamiin..