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Special Attraction in Aceh

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Special Attraction in Aceh
the appearance of gunongan first

Enchantment of Aceh Tourism: Taman Sari Cunongan

Next to the Kerkhoff cemetery is one of the royal relics of the Iskandar Muda sultanate, namely Cunongan as a recreation place for members of the royal family at that time. The Cunongan architecture and the park have uniqueness and interesting characteristics. Brakel (1975) describes in "Bustan", this Cunongan is known as the mountain of the Malay word mountain by adding the ending 'an' which gave birth to the meaning of "buildings such as mountains" or "mountain symbols". So Cunongan is a symbol of the mountain which is part of the palace gardens of the Aceh Sultanate. Over time the word Cunongan turns into Gunongan. 

Gunongan is part of a wider complex, namely Taman Ghairah, which is part of the palace garden. In this complex there are now only four buildings left: Gunongan itself: leusong (stone mortar) located at the foot of Gunongan, somewhat in the Southeast; cage, a four-square building in the north in the northeast along the Krueng Daroy river; and Pinto Khop is a dome-shaped gate that used to face the palace and connects the park to the palace square. Only family members of the royal palace are allowed to pass through this gate. The mountain or white mountain building for the citizens of Banda Aceh has important meaning and deep impression. Because this building was built by Sultan Iskandar Muda, the famous king of Aceh for his queen Princess Kamaliah from Pahang Country, Malaysia.

view of gunongan now

So with the uniqueness of the carving and the model makes people interested and increasingly curious about this one tour, so crowded until now.