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Puisi | The Same Station

31 Juli 2017   16:17 Diperbarui: 15 Agustus 2017   15:38 102 12 6
Puisi | The Same Station
Sumber: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/traveler-wearing-backpack-waiting-train-trainstation-440261539

In this station, we meet for the first time.
I still remember,
how you let me to sit on a bench that you used it before.
I say thank, you smile then.

The train finally arrived.
I hurried for looking a quiet seat.
Then I was suprised when I saw your step,
and take a seat on my left.

You reopening your newspaper.
I was opening my new novel.
The train running as usual.
Until it suddenly stop, and shoked everyone.

My head stumbled on your shoulder.
My novel dropped your newspaper.
But, you're not angry, not blame me either.
I said sorry, you said no problem.

Then you take your newspaper that had fall.
And also take my novel that dragged a bit far.

"Thank you," I muttered.
You smile, then stared at my novel for a while.
"I love Tere Liye too. He's a great writer," said you eagerly.
I froze, cause my brain was crash.
"Yeah, he's very talented writer," I replied with a slight stammer.

"Which you like the most?" You asked,
and make me dumbstruck.
Then our conversation was not just about Tere Liye's novel.
But also about work, activities, and exchange our personal number.

"Um, may I know your name?"
I know my face has turned red.
"Andini," I replied.
"Randra." Then you show your melting smile.

You finally got off at Depok Baru station.
I smile, when you waved for a moment.
Until I didn't realize that your shadow,
has disappeared behind the door.

I still in this train to continue my journey.
Reopened my novel, that I haven't finished yet.
I don't know why I want to read all of Tere Liye's novel.
Maybe, so we can exchange stories longer.

When we meet again for the second.
Next sunday, in the same station.

Middle summer, 31 July 2017