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Three Ways Working Based on Your Passion Will Ruin Your Career

20 Februari 2020   14:27 Diperbarui: 20 Februari 2020   14:21 27 2 0 Mohon Tunggu...

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life". As internet connection moves faster than ever, the term "passion" drives our lives, especially youngsters to express themselves. Doing things that we love than earn money from that hobbies seem very tempting. Reading at the famous statement, no wonder many and many people start setting up businesses then promoting their enterprises via social media.

Surely, doing what we love becomes genuine weapon by which we can shoot at various targets as our business grows. From paying all bills to hiring employees, working based on our passion spurs us working much harder whenever necessary. When our passion calls, we sometimes don't mind sacrificing our money more than we previously expect.

A side note can't be dismissed. Beyond the hype of working based on passion, there are three downsides that we can't turn them off. I came up with the following points based on my own experiences as a freelance writer and translator.

  • Low Income

Setting up business as a freelance writer or blogger requires patience and consistency. I attempted working as a freelance writer, translator and editor for two years to find that I didn't earn as much as I had expected. It remains tough to survive and thrive working as a freelancer in a country like Indonesia that doesn't set clear standards on salary for freelancers.

The first one year saw my freelancing jobs turned out very successful. Money came into my bank account easily. I got clients that met their agreements about payment. But the second year didn't run that well. I found it hard to find decent clients who were willing to pay a fair amount of money.

I later learn that working according to our passion is definitely awesome. There were moments when I felt very proud to myself that I tried to stand on my own feet. Get realistic when things don't go on our own ways. In my case, I was running out of money.

  • Health problems strike

Doing things that you love excessively can lead you doing injustice to your body. I still remember the days when I spent hours outside job to read then write. I was a journalist at that time. I found my writing was awful thereby I needed to practice a lot. I was stressful and unconfident. I thought my officemates were way better than I was. The constant thoughts caused my brain working overly hard. I began eating lunch or dinner late than recommended hours.

Thankfully, I was young at that time. The unnecessary burden didn't cause my staying in a hospital.

  • Lack of Networking 

As I played solo in my freelancing career, I acted as a marketeer for my own company. Too many skills that I needed to master within two years. I failed terribly for this aspect. What's the use of wonderful writing and translating skills if you don't know how to sell the talents? I learn that in hardest way possible during the years.

It's undeniably that working as a freelancer all by yourself can take up much of your energy. You may have no time to net like-minded freelancers or potential clients into your business. You may be busy already fixing words from existing clients that you forget you need to seek for new ones.

As I previously mentioned, working according to your passion requires you playing many roles. It's possible that you'll have to force yourself attending gatherings, meeting strangers and contacting agencies night and day. Even business goes on usual on weekends.

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