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Top 3 Fine Dining Restaurants Near Central Jakarta

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Living in the heart of a big city gives an advantage in term of the location. Various entertainment and lifestyle places to hang out are easily reached within minutes. While most people have to drive for at least half an hour, or maybe more depending on the traffic, you can save some time to get to your desired destination. Need a place to unwind from a week full of tight schedules? 

If you're into food and satisfying your taste bud and tummy, then indulging yourself with the finest meal and luxurious dining experience should be considered to try. Speaking of which, here's top 3 fine dining restaurants near Central Jakarta that will worth to spend your time and money on:


The Energy Building, 2nd Floor, SCBD Lot 11A

Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53

Amuz Gourmet restaurant will amuse your senses since the moment you walk into this restaurant. Amuz offers a luxurious fine-dining experience in the midst of Jakarta's crowded and busy streets. The interior gives you dining experience with the serenade of contemporary romantic ambience, surrounded by the chic Parisian decor that features Eiffel Tower-inspired ironwork and unique chandeliers. 

The interior at Amuz is a work of art by Idris Samad and perfect for an unforgettable romantic dinner. When it comes to the food, Amuz -- according to so many reviews -- serves big portion contemporary French cuisine complimented by the finest of French, as well as other European, wines. To complete the perfect night, there are bar and lounge for you to enjoy special cocktail creations and wide selection of wine by the glass.


Jl. Gunawarman No 42, Kebayoran Baru

If you're looking for a new unique experience of fine dining, then Namaaz is the perfect place for you. Namaaz is the first molecular gastronomy restaurant in Indonesia which offers Indonesian food in a playful and adventurous way. 

Every night, from Tuesday to Saturday, you can experience their set of 17 course creations. This set of creation changes every "season", where each season lasts for about 6 to 8 months. 

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