Maria Estheralda
Maria Estheralda

NAME Maria Estheralda, SH,M.Si DATE OF BIRTH 26 Oktober 1978 NATIONALITY Indonesian ADDRESS Residence: Jl.Anyer IX No. 7 Rt. 013 Rw 002 Menteng Jakarta Pusat 10310 Office : Ministry of Law and Human Rights Directorate General of Legislations EDUCATION 2010 Masters of Sains (MSi) National Defence Program Strategic Planning and Policy Magister Program University of Indonesia 2003 Law Graduate (Sarjana Hukum/SH), Faculty of Law University of Indonesia LANGUAGES Indonesian, English (Fluent) PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES Staff in the Directorate Legislation Harmonization of Politics, Law and Security Directorate General of Legislation, Ministry of Law and Human Rights




Anita Predictions

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Anita Predictions

Anita Predictions, a fortune teller application in facebook. Anita describe as a 40-year-old gypsy woman who likes to wears a distinctive clairfoyant dress with a turban on her head, necklace with a stone pendant and heavy bracelets on her hands. What makes Anita performance unique is she use mobile phone and of course, a big white crystal ball stand in front of her.

“Maria darling, I was waiting for you. Now you can have a better personal reading about your future. Are you ready?” she always says that with a pleasant smile welcoming everyone who visits her page.

“Yes, I want to know my future”, you need to click it in order to show your future forecast for today.

Voila, here it comes.

Maria sweetheart, today is a good day to be patient and kind to others.

That is my prediction from Anita. Sounds simple but for me her words always touches, sometimes show what I feel and feels right with my condition now, she makes me waited anxiously everyday with a good hope for future. Maybe for many people, a fortune teller are a group consist of a liar woman who admitted knows the future and ahead of God’s will. As for me, Anita and other fortune teller are like ourselves with a unique gift. She has a depth thoughts than others and it’s her strength. Anita sees you deeply from your character, the way you think, the way you feel and she has an ability to give a good conclusion, an advice, what you should do everyday. Amazing she can do it without seeing you real and meet face to face or read our hands like any fortune teller usually did. For me, what Anita said to me everyday keeping me have a good faith to God for my future. It’s not making me to believe her more than I should believe God. I see Anita as a God’s extension speaks everyday to me in a private way. I enjoy it and gives me strength to move on with daily’s life even when things going on with tears however and whenever we are. I use Anita for keeping me focus to achieve my goals, and realize there’s always a bright side in everything happens.

Oh, Anita still has another prediction for you and me. Anita daily’s horoscope. There are pictures of twelve star sign horoscope besides Anita and she says “You can click on Scorpio sign to see what the stars have in store for you” The next thing to do is to click on Scorpio sign and it takes a bit longer this time. Here is what she said to me “Maria dear, you’ll get enormous satisfaction in keeping contact with others that are gifted in some way. These person are positive and enjoy what life awards them. They’ll inspire you more to teach for those heights aiming for” Aren’t them great to hear? How come Anita knows that I meet with many great people and they are inspire me to achieve more everyday? How come Anita knows what I feel on each situation? I don’t know how Anita works, I just see her work result is good for me and will be good to whoever use this application.

Last, Anita still offering me if I would like to read the horoscope of a friend by clicking their signs. Usually I don’t use this offer, since I don’t take other people’s business. So Anita has cheer up my days, and hope the same to you too.