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The Crucial Distinction Between Special-Purpose Money and General-Purpose Money

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The Crucial Distinction Between Special-Purpose Money and General-Purpose Money
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Let me start this article with simple question, what exactly is money? What does it do for us and to us? We are struggle to answer this question. We're playing the game in a less intense and visible manner, but we've been playing and being played for many years, in countless ways. 

Most of us think about money a lot of the time, how much we have, how much we need, how to get more, how to keep what we have and how much our colleagues, our boss, make, spend and save. Money touches every part of modern life, from single budget, family budgets to national politic. As the financial world becomes more advanced, as we get more complex loans, insurance and mortgage, more complex financial options and greater financial challenges.

When we get older, we realize how money could work for us and how money could paralyze our mind, for example we can do something criminal and anything else for money. In politic, i can get you a clear example. Do you know e-KTP or the electronic identity card mega corruption case? Yes, this is a clear example how money could paralyze our mind, and for some people it's clear that nothing in the world is more important than money. By the way let me explain about the e-ktp mega corruption case. The "electronic identity" card or e-KTP procurement project is massive and highly-structured. It's suspected that the project itself was planned in such a way that the corrupt practices become feasible. 

This e-ktp mega project started during the tenure of former President of Indonesia, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Yes the President with his trademark "Saya prihatin". He used his trademark by the way when he gave speech about some intolerant groups attacked Church. How come, a President say "Saya prihatin" when he saw a disgrace, when he saw some intolerant groups attacked Church. How come he put a shit sentence like that. That was the first time in my life that a President who had a power but didn't have the ball to put some intolerant people in jail. 

Dear Mr President, are you a man? Okee, let me continue about the e-ktp mega corruption case, those project was initially planned to cost Rp 6.9 trillion. The ministry of interior (Kementrian Dalam Negeri -- Kemendagri) set a budget of Rp 6 trillion. Once the project tendered, the e-ktp budget became Rp 5.9 trillion. If i'm not wrong, 5 corporations won the tender. This e-ktp procurement comprises of 2 aspects, the first is about the procurement of electronic ID card, system and hardware, and the second is about population database. 

The Corruption Eradication Commission (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi or KPK) states that the state has endured a loss of more than Rp 2.3 trillion in e-ktp procurement. Yes, 2.3 trillion! This is a clear example how money could drive each one of us. Well, such intense publicity of the case, which involves a number of high profile figures. I may say this is ironic, why? Because we're about to hold legislative elections and Presidential elections in 2019. 

Demographic database is a crucial matter, as it shows the politicians who their elector bases are. It's reference of the list of voters in the 2019 elections. In this mega corruption case, 8 people are suspected as the masterminds and tens more are under suspicion as having benefited from receipt of illicit funds.

In a large scale, i will tell you how money plays the important role in our life when it becomes into regulation. Let me remind you something. Couple weeks ago, Perry Warjiyo, the Governor elect of Bank Indonesia seems set to continue the plan to redenominate the rupiah, subject to Government approval. Before i go too far, i love to mention that i think it's good that Bank Indonesia have the new leader from their internal. 

Perry Warjiyo replaces Agus Marto (Governor of Bank Indonesia, and before He led Bank Indonesia, he was as the CEO of Bank Mandiri). As the regulator, i'm sure that Central Bank or Bank Indonesia should be led by their own internal (who understand micro and macro economy). Okee i will continue my argument about redenomination. 

The idea of rupiah redenomination has been launched for quite some time, but apparently the ministry of finance still has its doubts. Some country failed and some succeed. Some who succeed to run redenomination are Turkey, Poland and Israel (some may say in Indonesia language "zionis", even i don't understand what's the meaning, Haha), and some who failed to run redenomination are Russia, Argentine and Zimbabwe, according to the Redenomination is not easy as it looks. Some may think "it's so easy to simplify rupiah number (three zeros deleted)", but let me tell you something, it's not easy as it seems. When we fail, money that we have right now, will have no value.


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