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What Went Wrong When The Majority Said There's Nothing Wrong

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Well, as usual i'll discuss about social and economy like my previous articles. This year Indonesia face the real challenge in economy sector, considering the still-tough global economic domestic (especially in relation to the direction of Donald Trump's protectionist policy, which can affect Indonesia's global trade either indirectly and directly) and of course from the domestic (the productivity and credit disbursement). As the macro economic theory, we have to raise the percentage of our economic growth every year till our economic growth is higher than inflation. In other words, our improvement in wealth (our salary, etc) is much faster than the increase in price of goods. This is the real economic growth!

Now, there are three institutions that now can play an important role maintaining stability of the financial system, namely Financial Service Authority (OJK), Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS). As my previous article (Yang Terjadi dengan Bank Jika Ajakan Rush Money Diikuti) , i had explained alot what happened or the risks to some Banks, then in my another article (Pengaruh Ekonomi AS dan China Terhadap Fluktuasi Nilai Rupiah), i had explained the difference "jobdesk" between BI and OJK. Ok, in here i'll tell in the very short way. 

Economic growth is in OJK's area, and the stability of our currencies is in BI's area, and LPS? Ok, LPS play an important role in insuring deposit's funds. Some of you may ask, how they collaborate one to another? Microprudential policies under/handled by the OJK and macroprudential policies under/handled by Central Bank (Bank Indonesia). Where's the position of LPS? When Banks have a systematically liquidity problem, then this is LPS's area, related to the all sovability problem taken by Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) including the purchase of assets and acquisition.

 Then, LPS will ask OJK to revoke the operating license of the Bank in order to the Bank liquidation process. But in this article, i just want to discuss about the OJK's regulation to Financial Technology (FinTech), because along with the development technology, i'm so interested to see how technology (FinTech) can make or possibly make the financial inclusion.

Well anyway, i'll make this one a short article because i'm not in the good mood to do anything. I will discuss about the financial technology which can play the important role to make financial inclusion. And from social, i will discuss about age limitation and sucide (following the death of Chester Bennington, the vocalist of Linkin Park). What went wrong with these 3 topics that i'll discuss? Is there something wrong? Or maybe, there's nothing wrong with these 3 topics.

And here we go.....

Financial Technology

Ok, at first i'll tell that the OJK had released a regulation on FinTech lending. The Fintech can play an important role in supporting the financial inclusion and of course will be the one to be the solution or alternative to the micro (in order to start or develop their business) and unbankable individuals. And these start-up companies take the part of credit disbursement in Indonesia. Along with the development technology, i do believe that Fintech have the huge potential in market, looking to the Indonesia's rapid mobile penetration as well as a growing middle income class. In the other side, Fintech creates job oppurtuinities and with this technology i do believe there will be fewer people going to office and will be work-from-home.

I will tell you one. I have a friend. He works in start-up company, financial technology, p2p Lending. I don't know the detail but from the explanation of my friend, i get the conclusion that p2p lending, is the process of lending money to individuals through application (online services), using credit analyst tools and uniquely they don't meet each other physically.  I do believe that that the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) who aren't served by the banks are the market that they target. Well, i'm so mezmerized how the technology works nowadays.

 You can get money, just from your 4, 5 or 6 inches of your smartphone, and in the same time you are lack of collateral, lack of credit histories to receive bank loans etc. Crazy huh? By the way, i work in Finance Company (the so-called Leasing). In here, we analyze all (by document/data, by credit scoring, by collateral and by customer history and purpose). Even with the clear data, there are still the npl (non performing loan) that are showed up. With p2p lending, i'm so curious how they handle the risk.  But anyway, i do believe that the difference between one company to another is a strong credit scoring algorithm (and how they develop it), then it's all about their ability to do credit assesment. The ones with high default will shut down very soon.

By the way, yesterday i went to BNI's ATMs to withdraw some money. Well, Financial Service Authority (OJK) has promoted branchless banking system in ATM, the system-called Laku Pandai. Laku pandai enable Banks to reach their new customers without having to open physical branches (its services have not included lending unfortunately). Like Fintech, OJK try to offer innovative methods.

In another industry, Indonesia's Gojek, Malaysia's Grab and USA's Uber are still dominating the on-demand-services industry and have successfully managed to convert people's habit into daily routine. They compete each other, from giving discount, etc. Discount is not an innovation for sure, it's strategy! Once discount dissapear, customers won't be willing to pay convenience offered. Because of what? Indonesians are highly price-sensitive. Innovative business like start-up companies need to emerge to mitigate this.

By the way, speaking about on-demand-services, i have a project that's on-process. On demand services. Not transportation technology like Gojek, Grab and Uber, it's because i know it's really hard to compete with these 3 startup companies due to their position as the market leaders in Indonesia. I have a concept and now that concept became a project that's on process after few days ago i met my friend in Central Park Mall (West Jakarta) and shared my concept, then we build this by making team at first. That's related to new Governor's (Anies Baswedan) vision "Pembangunan Manusia". Ed-tech (Education Technology). I do believe that there's opportunity due to the promising outlook of on-demand services.

 I realize that today everything goes mobile. You want something, you can get it from your 4, 5 or 6 inches of your smartphone. Everything goes digital. You can access everything with faster internet speeds and cheaper smart-phones. So, my vision of this project is everyone could study anytime and anywhere. I offer solution for all Indonesian People, include young people, to join this app (when it's done), you can study anytime and anywhere, and you could make money too in here (for you who have skill, the professional). This project is on demand services, and i will prove that we will save your expense, you can compare it. I'll tell then (in this media) when this project is done.

Few years ago, before technology was booming, the brighest college grads let's say bachelor degree from top universities like UI, ITB, UGM, etc started their careers on Banks, Indonesia Stock Exchange (in Indonesia language, Bursa Efek Indonesia), WIKA, WASKITA, PLN, PGN, Ernst & Young, Shell, Total, etc. But today, they increasingly set their goal on technology, they who have idealism and want to change the world, the promise of money alluring young people and the smart one. 

Their mindset is like, it's ok to join an established company and spend years proving your worth that your worth is recognized, your pride, your existence, then ultimately still likely underpaid for your contribution and the risk of your job, should they be extraordinary. It's better to build a start-up company based on your idea, where if successful you'll earn a lifetime's worth of salary in a few years ahead. It's like that i think. Well,  I give you one example. Do you know Buka Lapak? Bukalapak founders are graduates from ITB. Top university and the one who represents Indonesia in International. And some founders os start-up companies that i know holding master's degree earned 'em overseas.

In a land of 250 million people in Indonesia, with mobile's penetration, there's no doubt that Indonesia is a robust market for companies. FinTech (Financial Technology) could play an important role to make financial inclusion. I think now it's in OJK's hand how to make a regulation that can make every sector grow.


Age is just a number. Some of you may say that. So, age shouldn't be an issue, should it? But, have you ever seen in newspapers or in web, job advertisements in Indonesia? They put age limitation in SOE (State Owned Enterprises, or the so-called in Indonesia Language BUMN), and even in private companies. What went wrong? Or there's nothing wrong about this? Let's discuss about this. Here we go...

Well, some employers love to hire teenage workers for part-time jobs, because of what? Because, most of 'em are highly motivated, and they need cash for sure, then you can get the efficiency because you can hire 'em under the UMR.  Ok, this is from the minimum age threshold and for the-magang-staff position. And i do agree if there's a minimum age threshold but not for the maximum age threshold. Why?

Let me tell you something. Well, My Dad hold bachelor degree from University of Gadjah Mada and hold magister degree from Netherland. He was born from poor family by the way. He told me that he never read any maximum age threshold on the job advertisement in Netherland. And he had ever gone to Germany, Belgium, etc, the same thing that he knew in there, he never read any maximum age threshold. All based on your brain and your competence in there. So, if i have to compare, what i should question is, is a 30 years old man/woman absolutely more productive that 23 years old? Is there any research about this? I mean a real research. In Europe, My Dad told me that it doesn't matter young or old, they have an equal opportunities!

Well, in Indonesia, it's kind a rude. Put age limitation in job advertisement, and sometime i laugh when read some job advertisement that put maximum age threshold 24 years old. Are you fucking kidding me? Maybe in a few years ahead, maybe the maximum threshold 20 years old. Hahaha. So they can pay cheaper than the experience one and the-well-educated-person. Some of that companies put lower maximum age threshold, because i bet and i guarantee that they can't afford to hire the experience one! They can't! That's why they find the fresh graduates candidates.

I give some example, i have 2 friends. These age limitation affect them both. One can't apply for a job because he's older than the maximum age threshold that those companies ask. He's 29 years old. It's a dream job for him. I'm sure he's capable for that job. But he can't. Because of what? Because age limitation. Fucking rude! And the other one, who applied for his dream job was rejected. Because he's a bit too old for that position. Do we think it's ok when we see this? There's nothing wrong about this?

If we put a minimum age threshold like i said before, i do agree. Why? I make an example. I work in Finance Company (the so-called Leasing). I don't think it's a good idea if we hire a 20,21, or 22 years old to be a collector. Why? Because i think i prefer to hire a 28 years old to fill that position. I believe to be a collector, you must have a mature age and mature enough to handle customer and mature enough to negotiate. A 20,21 or 22 year old, sometimes they're "labil", they can't handle their emotion.

If we think that this system is ok and there's nothing wrong about this, i think people who late to realize the important of education, their waste their time in there. I mean, let's say actress who's 30 years old. She didn't get bachelor degree because of her job. She need money to continue her education. So, when she start the university life at 30 years old, and hold bachelor degree at 34 years old, it's such waste of time, right? Because there's no job advertisement that she can apply! In Europe, My Dad said that there can be fresh graduates who are 30 years old and 35 years old. And ironically they can get the job after that because there's no age limitation in there. As long as you're capable for the job that you apply, you're in!

With these regulation or we may say the system had succeded wasting some people talent due to age limitation, so people who are well-educated and have experience will think that there's no possibility for a career jump and they have to be stuck in a job they no longer want anymore.

I would like to see in the future, that there's no maximum age limit in order to apply a job as well as there's no limit in learning.

What went wrong? There's nothing wrong about my argument i guess.


Talking about depression can be challenging. And talking about suicide can be more challenging. And the death of Linkin Park's vocalist Chester Bennington on July 2017, we'll take a serious time to talk about suicide. What went wrong about suicide?

Depression can paralyze anyone who have everything and nothing. Some depression impact can end up with suicide like what Chester Bennington did, and in family, a parent who's too depressed to work obviously can bring a family to ruin. Then, when we look to our friend who express their frustation when face to face or maybe from bbm status, whatsapp and anything else, each one of us mostly have a tendency bullying them or labelling those people weak or "lebay" (overreacting).

People with deeply depressed, feeling like big failure, each one of us maybe ever felt this. They should think that they're worth, don't ever think to end up their life like suicide. They have to stand up and be a better person. And when someone with deeply depressed shares their thought to us, please just listen to them. Some of us, always love to judge. That's why some people fear to share anything to anyone because they're afraid of being judged.

I don't know why i write the topic about suicide, because i have nothing to say about this. And my background is not a psychology. I just want to mention one, don't ever try to suicide. Because you'll go to hell. Nothing more.

In Christian as my religion, suicide is a sin. When you go there, there's no space for you in Heaven. You'll never go there for sure.

Well, today is Friday August 11th2017 i'm too sleepy right now. It's 00:30 AM. By the way, i want to share something. I write this article with listening music from youtube. I listen Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. But it's funny, when i hear that music, then youtube introduce me the video of Awkarin on the right side. Okeyy, i dont know who the f*ck she is and i don't give a sh*t. Then, i open those video, my concern is on the comment. There are so many negative comment. Bullying Awkarin or whoever her name. I mean, come on. It's funny. They laugh at awkarin and try to bully her,...but believe me buddy, when she knows you, she will laugh too. She will laugh at your bank account. Hahaha. Wasting my kuota to go there.

What went wrong when the majority said there's nothing wrong??? What went wrong? Is there something wrong? Or there's nothing wrong?