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What a City Needs

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What a City Needs

[caption id="attachment_234604" align="aligncenter" width="525" caption="City1 (Doc:"][/caption] A city is its people. Without the people then it isn’t a city. The government creates laws, fund schools and support trading in the purpose of maintaining the people’s happiness. Because of that, the people should be put first, right? Well, it wasn’t always this way.

The people have their needs, just like you need what you need. In the morning your mother goes shopping to buy some groceries to fulfill you and your mother needs. But everyone has different needs or, demands. You can’t give a random cow 1 kilo of cement. You could but it would be pointless because the cow doesn’t demand cement. The cow prefers grass better. If the cow were smarter and knew better, then the cow would trade his 1 kilo of cement for 1 kilo of grass. This is a trade.

Trading is the exchange of something you currently don’t need, into something you need. If you grow rice for a living, then it is likely that you have a surplus of that rice. You can’t eat it all, so you trade it for something else.

The richer the person, the more demands that person has. It’s just the way things are. Sometimes what the person wants is 5 cities away! So how does that specific person get that specific thing? The person could travel from the city to city, but that would be extremely tiring. Instead, merchants do it and increase the items price while at it. Merchants trade many things instead of one specific item. They buy and sell, hoping to get a cut for their own needs.

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So now you know that trading is important, but mainly for the people. This is why the government supports trading. Planes and ships, trucks and trains, all travel from the place to place for the purpose of trade. Stock markets control that trade. They are like merchants, buying low selling high. They fulfill other peoples need in the hopes of fulfilling their own needs. Trading is essential. It’s the way of the human.

Next in the line for maintaining a city is discipline. What is a city with no rules, law and order? Would a person get punishment for stealing or would he be free from any charge? There’s a thing called equality here on earth. But maintaining equality is something that is easier to be said than done, even in modern days.

The government makes the laws and reinforces them so that everyone follows the rules. Sometimes things can get a little out of hand and the justice is way out of reach. Other times, if the government lacks freedom and equality, or high taxes can lead to a revolution, which is bad and good, depending on what side you’re on.

I guess another important factor for maintaining a good city, country and civilization is to give them a motivation. Give them something to believe in. This out of the many factors is the giant pillar that supports all cities. Without motivation, people think that their life is nothing. Why should I work hard at the factory or merchant from the city to city?

People have different ways to motivate themselves and that’s good. Maybe your motivation is to study hard so you can finally get that job you dreamed of. Religion is also a well known way of motivating. In short time of life that you have, do it for the good. Do it for humanity. Do it for God. Work hard and soon you’ll receive your reward, heaven.

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