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What Would You Choose Blogger or Youtuber?

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What Would You Choose Blogger or Youtuber?
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Do you like reading online news?

Do you also like television presenters and reporters?

If so, it will be the embryo of your success as a blogger.

Television news and online media are very good sources as  your articles references. Processing each different parts of the same topic from several news sources, will make your article is liked by many readers.

Moreover,  if you are good at processing words and integrate news from various versions, it will really help you.

Unexpected phenomenal events, or the momentum of the parliament elections have the chance to get extraordinary responses from the public.

If you have enough news material, then you don't need to hesitate to execute it immediately.

You don't need an emblem like a reporter, ask here and there, browse through the component details of an event.

You just need to resume them and become an amazing new work.
Choose mainstream (official) news sources as the main references. And use other information as a support. As a blogger you can give opinions and assumptions on your  article, so that it looks more interesting.

How to do?

Spend your time watching the latest news which becoming trending topic, on Facebook, Twitter, WA or whatever.

Then look for news sources on several news portals. Collect the news material, and make a resume from each portal.

Now, your task is to compose or assembly them into a complete paragraph. The "spices" from the netizent's  reaction can also be added as "flavoring".

Or you can elaborate on the uproar news about an artist. This kind of gossip news,  even though it is considered to be "trash news",  in fact they still have  a fairly high selling power.

So as a blogger, you won't run out of news materials to write articles. All are available in full. And depending on whether you want it or not.

Thank you for reading, and success for you.

Untuk memudahkan saya sertakan terjemahannya

Apa yang akan Anda pilih Blogger atau YouTuber

Apakah Anda suka membaca berita online? 

Apakah Anda juga suka presenter dan reporter televisi?

 Jika demikian, itu akan menjadi cikal bakal kesuksesan Anda sebagai blogger. 

Berita televisi dan media online adalah sumber yang sangat baik sebagai referensi artikel Anda. Memproses setiap bagian berbeda dari topik yang sama dari beberapa sumber berita, akan membuat artikel Anda disukai oleh banyak pembaca. 

Selain itu, jika Anda pandai memproses kata-kata dan mengintegrasikan berita dari berbagai versi, itu akan sangat membantu Anda. 

Peristiwa fenomenal yang tidak terduga, atau momentum pemilihan parlemen memiliki kesempatan untuk mendapatkan respons luar biasa dari masyarakat. 

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