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Artists and Public Figures Should Not Show Off Their Wealth, Why?

18 April 2021   06:53 Diperbarui: 18 April 2021   07:11 54 1

The life of artists in Indonesia often attracts people's attention, one of which is their luxurious lifestyle. Moreover, nowadays the use of social media is increasing from all ages.  Various social media content that shows the rich side of the content creators is a common thing that we can see everyday life, such as on Instagram, Youtube, and even the currently popular application, TikTok. Starting from giving large sums of money to certain people, making challenges with prize money, or even the latest trend among public figures is to show off the contents of their account balances. In fact, showing off wealth is something that could be considered unethical in our culture, but now everything seems to have changed. Flaunting wealth is no longer viewed as something taboo and negative. Therefore, there are several reasons that must be considered twice by public figures if they want to show off their wealth, especially during the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic.