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Total Lunar Eclipse (Gerhana Bulan Total) December 10 – 11, 2011 (IMAGES)

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Indonesia, December 12, 2011 Related to last posting about Total Lunar Eclipse (Gerhana Bulan Total) December 10 – 11, 2011 my newest posting now as a report what happen on that day. Photographer, Kathlenn Lane; produced this sequence photo image which captures the Full Duration of the Total Lunar Eclipse December 2011. It was taken from Bunbury, Western Australia. A very impressive and interesting photograph which must have taken great care and patience to produce such a splendid image. Photo by SJade Irony; This sequence photograph of the Lunar Eclipse was taken from Vancouver, Canada, and captures various phases of the Lunar Eclipse 10 December 2011. Nature is wonderful and it is good how SJade Irony took time and effort to record the event and produce this image. Photographer; Kathleen Lane, using a Coolplix L120 Camera. Image taken on 10 December 2011, from Bunbury, Western Australia. It’s a great photograph, and must have been brilliant watching the eclipse. Thank you Kathleen. Abang Zul took this photograph from Tasek Gelugor, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia and used a Kodak Easy-Share Pocket Camera. It is amazing how he took such a good picture using a simple pocket camera. Photo 10/12/2011 – time taken, Malaysian Local Time at approximately 21:58hrs (+8GMT . Thank you for posting this image Abang Zul. Photographer Jeff Scott, using a Canon T2i camera, 230mm lens w/ 2x teleconverter. Camera setting f/9, 15 sec. Location : Glendora, California, USA We love this photograph by Jeff Scott, of the Total Lunar Eclipse. A tranquil Moon floating in the sky. Oliver Rabanes: sent us this wonderful photo. We absolutely adore this montage, showing the sequence of the Total Lunar Eclipse. A very impressive photograph (“Stages of the Lunar Eclipse !”) Amy Van Artsdalen snet this wonderful photo of the Total Lunar Eclipse and its various phases. This is a wonderful photograph sent in by Sachendra Yadav, the Total Lunar Eclipse at different stages. Brilliant! (source : eclips) Praise The Lord, who had made all creation and thank you for all sources. Blessing and Peace ! With Love, kei