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Salah satu dari bermilyar-milyar manusia yang ada di dunia ini yang terus berusaha menyeimbangkan segala sesuatu, terus berbuat baik dan punya impian untuk jadi "kutu loncat" dunia. Amiinn :)\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n Terima kasih :)



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Getting Around in Antananarivo

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For the past few days my family and I have been strolling around from place to place by car. I actually would like to try out the local mode of transportation here but some say it's pretty dangerous for foreigners plus I haven't mastered French nor the local lingo yet. The modes of public transportation that is available here are buses or more of like minivans and train. However, the train is used for outer city destination only. In the capital, the minivans and personal vehicles such as motorcycles, cars and bicycles are more commonly used. So along the away during car rides and walking about I've been taking pictures and enjoying the atmosphere of this unique place I am currently staying in. Downtown Antananarivo The heart of Antananarivo is a long linear boulevard in front of the city hall that is surrounded with local shops, hotels and offices.

Local Modes of Transportation: 1. Minivans
I'd say these minivans have some similarities to the 'angkot' of Indonesia. First, there's no AC hehe, and second they both have a person who opens the door and collects money or also known as 'kenek' in Indonesian. 2. Taxi
The reason why I posted this because I found out a unique fact about the taxies  here. It turns out that taxies here don't use a meter so basically you negotiate the price with the driver and afterwards you're done. You don't have to worry how far you will go because the price is already fixed from the start. All my life I've seen fixed rates in buses and others but seriously, never in taxies. Simply unique :) Ok, I think that is all for now. Will post more soon. See you :)

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