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APRISH UI Conference 2018, "Green Thought in Indonesia"

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APRISH UI Conference 2018, "Green Thought in Indonesia"

This is not full paper. Full paper will be published soon.

 "Green Thought in Indonesia"

Sovian Aritonang[1], I Wayan Midhio[2], Christine Marnani[3], Jeanne Francoise[4],


Tatar Bonar[5], Yoedhi Swastanto[6]


Indonesia Defense University


(Corresponding author's email:




This paper offers a novelty of research that green thought in Indonesia is summarized by Western culture, despite of the needs to appreciate local wisdom of "being green" in some parts of Indonesian provinces.


            Indonesia has more than 250 million people as the active population to produce and consume, or we can briefly conclude that Indonesian millennial generation is the generation of consumer. We are being consumer in any kind of consuming, from the fabric things, transportation, pollution of water, air, industry, stuffs, and other needs.


            To analyze the society of Indonesia in terms of green thought, this paper is using the French perspective on ecology and ecologism. French thinkers are being chosen here in this paper, because researchers do various researches on French society in France and how French perspective is compatible with modern thinking on wasting management, green technology, or green thought in Asia, especially Indonesia.


                        To complete the analysis, this paper is also using Indonesian National Defense System to know deeper about the meaning of being green in Indonesian mentality and history and how this subconscious thinking is connected with policy and regulation, including what communities of grassroots could do to anticipate global warming in Indonesia.


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