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Object Oriented Modelling and Design - Final Project

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  1. Background

Sampoerna University is a growing university which the amount of students, lecturers, and staff are increasing each year. In terms of teaching and learning, this international campus always intend to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Sampoerna University has just collaborated with two American Universities namely Broward College and University of Arizona for a year. This resulted in a fixed degree plan for all departments on the new campus completed. Changes to some subjects that students need or do not need to take occur. This becomes a problem that sometimes causes miscommunication between Student Success and the Faculty so that the information obtained by students becomes less reliable. As a result, every semester students need to redesign their own degree plan according to the courses taken in the previous semester.

Another problem that is quite confusing for students in the process of making a study plan cards is their faculty advisor who is not in the same study program. Finally, often every advising session with the supervisor ends with both parties confused in taking steps. One thing is certain, not all courses at Sampoerna University are offered each semester. There are several courses that are opened only in the even semester, and the rest are opened only in odd semester. But there are also several courses, especially the general education course which is opened every semester or in the short semester.

The things above cause students to pay more attention to their degree plan so that they can graduate on time according to their plans. Therefore the author plans to design a system that helps solve the above problems. The application system will help students to compile their own study plan cards by providing study flow and matching them with the courses offered in the semester.

This application system will greatly help students and accelerate the study plan card registration process, so there is no more miscommunication or misinformation in taking courses.

  1. Problem Formulation

On the existing system, users have been able to register their study plan through the academic website provided. However, before registering the course they will take, students must consult it to their academic supervisors for approval. The problem is in the process many students do not know and understand the critical path they must take and the extent to which they have completed their degree plan. Not all academic advisers are in accordance with students, although they are in the same faculty, they are not necessarily in the same major. This makes some academic advisers not understand which path their students should take with each student's different circumstances.In addition, since campus are trying to fit in with Arizona University, there are so many changes in the degree plan that are updated frequently. The frequent changes do not supported by fast updated information to the students, so that understanding of the degree plan in students is deficient. 

The system now is quite helpful and the same system is applied in other universities. The question is  with the fast changes that happen frequently in Sampoerna University, is this system effective enough? With a system like this, there are students who have to consult several times to arrange their study plan. In this proposal, the existing system will be upgraded with more complete website tools. With this change, the study plan registration process will be more effective and faster. In addition, students' understanding of their department degree plan and the critical path they must take will increase. The process that usually take some time from the student to meet their academic supervisor can be shorted and they can consult to the lecture and get approval directly. 

  1. Scope and Limitation

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