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4 Positive Side of Online Learning During Pandemic

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4 Positive Sides of Online Learning During Pandemic

It has been more than one year that Indonesia has been locked up and living side by side with the corona virus, or what is commonly known as covid-19. Along with this condition, the government is also implementing various policies in order to break the chain of transmission of the Covid-19 virus. One of the policies made by the government is, we can see in the field of education. The government implemented a change in face-to-face learning methods into virtual learning. Students only need a smartphone and an internet connection to study online. Of course this will greatly help students in distance learning in times like this, because it is not possible to meet face to face in a situation like this. In this essay, the writer will describe the positive side obtained in implementing virtual learning.

The first positive side that can be obtained from online learning is of course, we avoid the dangers of the corona virus. Because the corona virus makes us do virtual learning, this is because the spread of the corona virus is very fast from human to human. With this virtual learning policy, teachers and students stay at home. Of course, this virtual learning really helps break the line of transmission of the corona virus and helps the government in dealing with this pandemic. Apart from helping yourself and helping the government, online learning also helps to become relatives.

The second positive side is, students and teachers become more cost and time efficient. In face-to-face learning, we spend more time, such as a trip from home to school that takes a few minutes, some even takes more than an hour. The existence of a shift in lesson hours to moving classrooms also requires a fair amount of time when used for learning. In addition to time, students and teachers of course need additional costs such as transportation costs, cost of textbooks, photocopying to other class fees. For college students it is also cost-effective to rent boarding houses outside the city.

The third is that there are no limits. What is meant by no boundaries through virtual or online learning here is that students and teachers are not fixated by long distances and places. This leaves minimal delay. Here also students become more relaxed to do learning. Students can study anywhere while the internet connection is stable. Apart from students and teachers. The restrictions on family at home are also very minimal. This policy makes us closer to family.

The last positive side of learning that is carried out online is that students become more literate with technology. Like it or not, students have to explore the world of technology. Students who are technologically literate will become more creative, have increased psychosocial well-being, and will be independent in learning according to their own style. Here also encourages students to always accept existing developments through technology. Not only for students and learners, but parents also of course will take part in the development of technology. Parents will become more technologically literate than ever. Especially in the current era, all people must be able to adapt their lives to the development of existing technology. Through this, of course, is very helpful in obtaining more information about the learning provided by the teacher.

The description of the positive side of online learning above is very real. This is an explanation of the benefits of virtual or online learning which is currently the best choice for education and the Indonesian people in this pandemic season. But we still have to remember, behind the positive side of online learning, of course, there is a negative side. This must remain careful and for students must remain under adult guidance.