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Custom Denim Jacket

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Hello everyone,let me introduce my self name is Ariq Gibran Malik, I am a student who studies at one of the campuses in Jakarta, my daily life is like a student in general, that is studying, but besides studying I also undergo a fairly thriving business, Custom denim jacket . I started this business from trying to draw my own denim jacket that I had in 2016 and I was in middle school, when the painting I produced wasn't very good because I was a beginner and didn't have the experience to draw on clothing products, I was increasingly interested to continue drawing my denim jacket, I saved up to buy a few jackets and then I drew it, on the other hand there was a reason why I continued to custom the clothes I had because if I wore clothes that were different from the others I felt there was satisfaction when wearing them, I really like to do different things and maybe people rarely do it. As time went by the jackets that I made had increased and finally I started uploading my work on my personal social media, unexpectedly there were many good responses from my friends about this custom jacket, some of them asked to be made and I accepted the offer, of all those who asked there were some who asked to be made free, I refused the offer because I needed energy, money and also time to do it.

One year I went through this field with a variety of obstacles that I had gone through ranging from customer complaints about paint that faded because I did not know how to care for them, then the size of the painting that is less precise to the desires of customers, all of it became a lesson for me to be more thorough in doing business, with all the experience that I have lived I finally decided to open a denim jacket drawing service, I put this business on social media platforms. About 3 or 4 months I run this business it turns out I get a new problem that is a problem such as being overwhelmed in dividing time by doing assignments, lack of communication with customers and distributing money to buy basic necessities such as paint and painting tools. At that time I was still sitting in class 3 After mid-vocational, because of the many assignments and also re-training so that I could undergo the final exam with maximum results, finally I decided to pause to restore everything. I started this business again after the final exam was over, it's been about 2 months I corrected my mistakes before, now I ask for help from my female friend named reka sutisna to manage the finances of this business, so that I can focus on serving customers and also consult about the desired painting by customers.

In 2018 this business is quite good although there are still some obstacles that I get, Reka Sutisna as a financial manager works very well by making books every month, this way I can easily monitor income and expenses every month and Reka is also honest in providing financial data , she also often helps me when doing the painting coloring process, because sometimes I am exhausted after drawing details because it requires energy and accuracy so that the results are precise in order to avoid drawing design errors. Therefore, I need a considerable amount of time to recover my energy so rest first before entered the painting coloring process, now Reka often helped me in doing this so that the process was finished faster and could go into another order. I appreciated her work by sharing the results with each jacket that she helped color so that it added income as well because I gave her extra salary. The obstacle I experienced this year is that I don't have the tools that can make it easier for me to draw and color images, because there are many customers who want the same image as the order I made before, I need to make a printing tool to speed up the process and also I need airbrush for coloring large paintings, both of these tools are quite expensive so I set aside a large portion of my income to save on tools. In addition to this problem, Reka, who manages finance, suggested that I also cut his salary so that the process of purchasing the equipment was faster, an action that I didn't expect she asked himself to deduct salary for my business needs, for a few months I saved up to buy a tool, apparently still I couldn't buy it because at that time the customers of my custom jacket were down and I also had the thought to stop for some time to work side-by-side to increase capital money to buy tools, I also had time to consult with Reka about this and finally we argued, Reka continued urging me to continue doing business, she asked like this not because I would lose my job but to stay consistent in doing business, of course this is a different argument from what I have, namely stopping to find a side job to find capital.

For a week I closed my business, unexpectedly, my parents gave me capital assistance to buy the device, I do not know where they knew about the business that I made because I never told them about this. Because I had a bad experience when I was little, I often crossed out something on the wall of the house, then scribbled on the toys I had, and other items that I had, sometimes if it was seen by my parents, people my parents would scold me, so I always hid it from my parents and until I grew up today I still do it often because the same is really like scribbling something and has become my habit. It turns out that my parents know from Reka, my parents often ask about what I and Reka do now, then they tell me about the obstacle I'm experiencing right now, namely the lack of tools I have to have to maintain this business.

I am very grateful to Reka because she is smart enough to convince my parents to provide help, because she always pressures me to ask my parents for help but I am ashamed to ask because I ask for capital to do things they don't like to cross out - strikethrough, therefore I have never asked for capital from him. After this incident my parents finally began to understand and support me to continue to run my business. I am very grateful to my parents for giving me capital. Now this custom jacket business has been in 4 years, this business is also growing and Reka is still a person I trust to manage finances in this business. she was very loyal to me in helping to build this business when it was difficult. I hope the stories above can be taken as good values to be emulated, that's all about sharing my business experience until now, for those who are just starting a business stay enthusiastic and consistent in living it.