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Life Hack

Tips for Ronovating a Comfortable Home

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Life hack. Sumber ilustrasi: PEXELS/SeaReeds

Having a comfortable home is everyone's dream. A clean house equipped with a bio septic tank is a comfortable resting place. At the same time to gather with beloved family. But what if the walls of your house start to rot and the roof tilts? It's time for home renovation.How to renovate a house properly? Here are the tips:
1. Budget
How much funds do you have? Seeing the budget from the start is very important, because you don't want the renovation process to stop halfway because your money has run out. So that it stalls and instead of looking good, the house looks gloomy.
2. Architect
Contact the nearest architect for professional home renovation design assistance. Even though you have to pay a fairly high fee, he can design and calculate the estimated cost. So that you are satisfied with the results of home renovations.
3. Sanitation
When you renovate a house, pay attention to the sanitation in it. Is the gutter in front of the house wide enough? Don't let the sewers get clogged and attract mosquitoes that cause dengue fever.
Also repair sewers, septic tanks, and sewers. You can install a bio septic tank to replace a conventional septic tank. Because the residue is directly discharged into the sewer.
4. Processing time
Also pay attention to the time of renovation work. If you don't have the funds to temporarily move into a rented house while your house is being renovated, don't make repairs during the holiday season. Because children are often at home and they do not move comfortably during renovations.
Renovating a house requires a special budget and also careful planning. Do not be rash before repairing the house. Contact the architect for design consultations and also planning the purchase of building materials.
When renovating, pay attention to the cleanliness of the house. Always clean the floor thoroughly after the craftsman has painted the walls. Because there could be paint splashed on the floor. Also repair the gutters of the house. Install a bio septic tank that can clean up residue and dispose of waste into the sewer in your home.

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