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Indonesia Island is Rich Country

18 Maret 2020   20:40 Diperbarui: 18 Maret 2020   20:51 11 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Indonesia Island is Rich Country


The wide of the world, beauty beach and the cliff mountains.  those is indonesia island which has supplied natural disaster, many beautifful trees , the landscape and good luxury several places. long time a go indonesian was poor, but inn this is globlalization era indonesia more developt, even thought indonesia has not a skill yet in the most project. indonesia  is still less in the education case, finance, jobless and the poorman  . because of many indonesian people becomes netizen . reborn and die more population count indonesian.
           the commonlly character of indonesian is uniq,soft, friendly,hight tolerance, hardly and fun. they could make a save ,loyal and happy.

rich country of indonesia is from the natural disaster, the culture, the art, language and many speaks, religions, flora's and fauna's.

now indonesian has a abilitty to fix and always keep a peacefull  in this is world.
now indonesian has change becomes rich country althought those's process to be indonesian movies :)