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Self Respect Over Everything

20 November 2022   00:22 Diperbarui: 20 November 2022   00:31 155
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Lyfe. Sumber ilustrasi: FREEPIK/8photo

When your friend told you to come to a party right when you have a schoolwork due tomorrow, you come to the party. But when you tell yourself that you’re going to start working on your own hustle on a Monday morning, or that you’re going to make a change one day in your life, you don’t.

But why? Why could you manage to do something that others ask you to do, but when it comes to do the same thing for yourself, you keep on making excuses?

Yes, because there’s a lack of respect for ourselves.

You find it hard to feel that you’re having the authority to your own mind. Your own body. Yourself. All the things that you feel is that you are controlled by your surroundings. Rather than crying for what you really feel about getting bad grades, you cry because your parents told you that they’re dissapointed in you. You see, all you feel depends on how people around you feel. Even so, how about yourself? How about what you really feel deep down in your heart?

You might think that it is not that bad, or even not bad at all. But it's what on others' mind that keeps on bothering you. It's the way how people make you think that it's not good enough. But if you think about it, that's not really how you feel about it. How people think keeps on haunting you, until you make it a standard to your mind, when you are the one that should be making your own standard for your own self.

As a matter of fact, we’re all great people. But the trouble is, we don’t realize it. We’re too busy questioning our own worth that we’re not paying attention in how others are treating us. We will do too much things even for someone who won’t even look us straight in the eye. We'll make reason after reason for people who'll push us off a cliff at the first sight of trouble. To say it bluntly, it means that you’re a people pleaser. And you need to respect yourself more.

Trauma will make it hard for you to start loving yourself. After all, the people who hurt you would make you feel bad about yourself, so you start believing that you're unworthy of respect. It’s hard to come out of that devilish circle, but when you know who you truly are and how important you’re worth, you won't let anyone, not even your closest friend, treat you as a garbage. You won’t seek others’ validation anymore because you know it’ll only make yourself weaker. The reality is, you are so much better than that. You have to become your own puppeteer.

It’s time for you to stop minding about how people think or feel about you. How are you going to grow if you keep on making yourself busy with how people think of you? Then you'll ended up flooded by tears and dissapointment on your own self because you can't fulfill others' expectation on you. Someone that respect themselves believe in the depth of their heart that they deserve of being treated fairly and with courtesy. They are aware of their own worth.

You should never settle for less.

Put yourself first and start showing up. Be confident for who you truly are. You need to make time to work on yourself because if you don’t, someone will steal your time for themselves. You need to admire yourself enough to walk down from anything or anyone that doesn’t give you happiness or help you grow. There’s too many people place the needs of others before their own. But in order to manage others needs, you need to prioritize yourself first. 

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