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Choose Someone to Live With You Until You Die: Marriage is Creepy!

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Who wouldn’t want to get married? Everybody want it! Even a nun that had decided to not married, she had ever a dream to get married when she was a teen. Yeah maybe, i dont know about it too much. And i thought about marriage when i was daydreaming, i want to get married with someone that really knows me someday. But, i thought a marriage is creepy.

You choose someone that is just three or four years you knew to live together with you until the very end of your life. You built a relationship before you marry him/her. As i know, some couples decide to get married after they’ve been in a relationship for three or four years. You DO NOT KNOW him/her that much! You don’t know their past, you don’t know their personality, you-don’t-know-his-whole life! You only believe that he/she would be the best for you. Moreover, (I'm sorry)  there are some people in their religion that not allowed to have a relationship. Is it crazy, isn’t it? for me, it’s just the same to live with a stranger. Creepy!

Some creepy facts about marriage are that you sleep with him/her. It is crazy right? Hahaha. Especially if you accept the fact that when you were in a relationship, your boy/girlfriend are the best liar ever! You sleep with a liar that may cheat you someday. You married him/her and you say “It’s okay, i loved him/her. I can’t move on. He/she promised, he/she will change to be a better person when we married” or “that’s okay if he/she cheat on me, i know he/she was wrong, but i already love him/her so much”. Bullshit. Totally bullshit. How can someone change to be a better person just because a marriage? How could you accept him/her that ever hurt you? Don’t be stupid. Love is blind, not stupid.

For me, marriage is once forever. There is no end till the death make us apart. I hate those people who end their marriage just because they felt bore or they weren’t match anymore or they got problems that they can’t handle, or whatever. Don’t you remember the promise in front of God and some peoples that you invited to your marriage? Why are you not loyal to someone that you choose? That’s it. that’s why i told marriage is creepy.

But, i appreciate anyone who married with someone and it is for a long time. I hope someday i and my future husband could be like your marriage. And for anyone that had a broken home, trust me, God never leave you, just pray for a better life in your family. For anyone that had a bad relationship with your wife/husband, please stay and loyal, you both had decided to live together forever right? :”) i wish someday, my opinion about marriage changed. Thanks for reading this bad English story. I’m still learning.