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Mastering Pandemic and Its Online Lyfe Through SEO

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Mastering Pandemic and Its Online Lyfe Through SEO
Image 1. Representation of Search Engine via 

Have you ever heard about SEO? It's not the brother of the CEO anyway, let me tell you about it!

A Glimpse About SEO

You can say “Ok Google”, and easily find what “SEO” means. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s a kind of trick or strategy that we - mostly need nowadays. Living in a society that deifies the search engine, forces us - as online writers, mastering the search engine itself. 

As I said before, SEO is a part of strategy. What kind of strategy? The one that related to digital marketing. Neil Patel defines SEO as the art of ranking high on a search engine, especially in the unpaid section. How can we do “the art”? Basically the art refers to the process that the writers do in optimizing the online content - including the design, the writing, or the link, so that a search engine likes to show it as the number 1 result for searches in a certain keyword. 

Why Is It Interesting and Important? 

There are 2 interesting facts. First, the majority of online user experiences begin in search engines, and 75% start with Google. What do you think about it? Your market is on Google. Second, the top five results on Google about a keyword you search, get 67% of all clicks. So the more they get the “click”, the more it has the opportunity to be on the “top five list”. 

Thousands of articles are released every day. Maybe every hour, nor every second in the whole wide world. Paid advertising, social media, and other online platforms can generate traffic to websites, the majority of this online traffic is driven by search engines. So, do you think you could get the chance to be one of them and get the “click” from the online "surfers"?  

When we search the word “SEO” on Google, there will be some advertising that offers you services on optimizing your online experiences through SEO. Indirectly, it shows how SEO is super important to your online experiences. 

Get To Know With The Website

First of all, try to master the website. It’s important to understand “how the website works” before “how I should optimize the website” itself. The important component of a website's story is the critical rendering path. Critical rendering path is a process of a browser, turning a website’s code into a viewable page. This would affect page load times and speed. 

Image 2. Representation of website via Getty Images/iStockphoto via 
Image 2. Representation of website via Getty Images/iStockphoto via 

Next thing you have to learn is how a website appears in a browser. After that, I’ll tell you straightly about what a website is made of. Or concretely, the code that used to construct the web pages. 

Here are the three most common website with their programming languages: 

  1. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language): what a website says, like what titles, headings, what’s in the body content, paragraph, et cetera.
  2. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): how a website looks. They focused on color, fonts, layouts, and others that related to the visualization of a website. 
  3. JavaScript: how a website behaves. It can be seen from how the interaction happens in the web page, how dynamic is the web page, and else. 

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