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When Customers Goes Wrong!

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Frequently we are always heard that customer is the king, customer focus, customer experience, and customer centricity. They are all about customers. Business basically exist are because they had someone to buy their product or service. But during its process or I can call order to cash sequence, customer can be at the side that mentioned need an education. Well sometimes, it is true, but most probably it was about misunderstanding or I can easily said customer disconnection.

I had two experiences related this above mentioned customer disconnection.First was Pizza Hut; biggest America’s pizza restaurant chain, and the second one wasElectronic City; an Indonesia’s local electronic store chain and both are located in Jakarta.

Pizza Hut case was happened when I was ordered a delivery pizza, the order taker was asking my address and I told her my complete address. Surprisingly what she said my address should be mentioned the other way, because if I keep the way my original address then it should be served by other Pizza Hut outlet. This is very good example where a business process affected to customer experience. My other experience was also the same when I was bought a air conditioner from outlet located in west Jakarta, they could not able to deliver to my home address due to service area, and I have to pay some extra for delivery. I told them I commonly buy stuffs from their outlet located near to my neighborhood but since I was at their location the time I want to buy then I was just pay a visit. I was giving them a solution why don’t they just delivered from their nearest outlet next to my neighborhood, “unfortunately I could not”, they said. Again this is where business process did not allow of customer experience happened.

Several other example that I had been gone through always be in fact related to complicated business process where the business must been done, either because the standard process or the system they are having. But basically all of those are driven by human being who able to change the process to allow customer having better experience.

Here are things to do from your side as businesses:

#1. Setup a customer experience vision on your organization; on how to you want to be perceived by your customers.

#2. Put yourself on customer shoes, experience them and test it to your customers. Whenever you are drafting or setting up business process that related to other line function in your organization

#3. Train your employee across the organization about customer centricity what’s important to your customers and let your employee aware of it.

#4. Mapping and segmenting your employee needs and work on the reward that worth for them on what they did to your customers. Because customers are not created equal so does your employee.

Creating customer experience is a journey for your organization, it won’t be happened in a sudden. It will come bit by bit and make sure you have your measurement.

Have a good day to work on your business process ! Starts to create WoW factor!