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Swallow's Nest which Can Be Useful for Human Health

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Swallow's Nest which Can Be Useful for Human Health

According to my version, an animal that can help human life is a swallow.

This swallow is characterized by a dark color, long tail and has thick and pointed wings. Many people look for swallow birds only to take their nests because they have many health benefits.

Swallow's nest can accelerate the body's metabolism, maintain healthy skin, accelerate the cell regeneration process, maintain the digestive system, as a booster in the body system, and can optimize brain development in the fetus. This is of course very beneficial for women who are pregnant

Swallow breeding is not easy. To be able to produce quality swallow nests, breeders must meet environmental requirements such as temperature, humidity, the right climate, smooth air circulation, and minimal lighting. In addition, the arrangement of feed must be regulated consistently so that the swallow's saliva can be formed as the main material for making thick and quality nests so that they can be sold at a reasonable price too.