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Results of DMP Activities by UNISA Students After Onsite to MSME

30 November 2022   02:00 Diperbarui: 30 November 2022   02:00 64
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Ruang Kelas. Sumber Ilustrasi: PAXELS

After one month of studying the material provided by Rumah BUMN Yogyakarta, we are very grateful because, with this material, we can add insight to UNISA Communication Science students. After one month of undergoing product branding from MSMEs, UNISA students have finished undergoing MBKM.

As a result of one month of product branding, we are very grateful because we were able to carry out these activities smoothly. In addition, based on the number of followers before and after product branding has increased quite a bit. There are also several followers who enliven the comments column and always provide feedback on the content we create.

From this activity, we learned a lot about how to brand products properly, work in a team, practice skills as content creators, and so on. We also learned about good time management and practiced good communication with MSMEs from each group.

We hope that the content we have created can introduce MSMEs more broadly. In addition, we also hope that after the completion of the Digital Marketing Program (DMP) activities, MSMEs will still be able to carry out product branding properly. Hopefully, sales from MSMEs can also increase.

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