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Coming Soon New Movie: Maduro Must Go!

11 Januari 2019   05:23 Diperbarui: 11 Januari 2019   05:59 0 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...
Coming Soon New Movie: Maduro Must Go!
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A Sequel to Asaad Must Go, again starring Russia vs USA..story-plot is similar to Asaad Must Go ..Venezuela resisted The West so Latin-Spring will be paid and set-off, public disturbance, false-flag snipers and all Mainstream Media will cry wolf..Maduro kills his own people so The West needs to get in with a Humanitarian-Crisis-Response.

the story plot is getting old and boring..Only this time won't be an easy-cake cause Putin had warned all the hot-heads in the USA not trying for a Military Intervention or risk being seen as fools again. EW (electronic warfare) was installed and ready to go..making no communication in the field for the force of can you make War if you ain't got no communication? like in Ukraine?

With Saudi in a dire situation of wanting the oil price to go up or die..and starts to cut Oil production meaning Venezuela will get up on its feet again this year with the formidable Russia and The Bottomless Money pit of China...Money solves lots of problems...and financial situation is not looking good on the intervention forces..The Western hemisphere...

Will be a new interesting movie to watch this year and following Syria that is winding down approaching the end of Asaad Must Go...with Asaad still stays and you all go away.

 Who knows maybe the lesson is hard to learn and another Movie will come out..The South China Sea,, but who must go this time? Xi Jinping? naah too far about Duterte Must Go...but what's the catch?