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All Because of My Race

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All Because of My Race
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All Because Of My Race

Why? Why did it have to happen to me? All this hate, pain, and violence. This all started because of me, because I wanted to fulfill my dream and play the sport that I love. I knew I shouldn't have continued, I should've stopped but I didn't want to. This all was because of me. All the riots, deaths, and misfortune to many people of any race. All because of me.

Never thought in my life that I would be where I am. Never thought that I would be playing baseball for a living. I am so blessed to say that I am continuing my baseball career with the Kansas City Monarchs. I never knew that I was this good but I am glad that my dream came true. I would like to think my dad, family, all my coaches, and most importantly the main above all our heads, the Lord himself God. Many people were a huge part of my success. Those are just a few people that were the main people in my life. Hopefully I can do as well as I did in college but take it up to the next level. Thank you.

The year is 1945 and I just got drafted to play baseball for the Monarchs. I have a beautiful girlfriend named, Rachel soon to be named Rachel Robinson. Around this time there is a lot of racism going around and people weren't the nicest. Many people used very uncivilized words to describe us african american people and we didn't like it. But back to my baseball career. I loved the sport of baseball. First starting off as a little kid loving to just go play, then moving on to highschool ball. After that, I moved on to play with UCLA and I thought my dream was complete. But now to come to find out, I am moving on to play in the minor league negro team the Monarchs. I played well for the first year but then the happiest thing in my life happened, I got married to my amazing wife Rachel Robinson. Then after that, what every dad wants to hear, I heard my wife was pregnant with my son Jackie Jr.

So after all that commution, I get to focus more on baseball. Luckily for me at the time I returned, I heard that L.A Dodgers were here scouting us out and looking for people to play for them. Then they come to my house and ask me to come play for them. Of course I was excited to come play with them but that means I have to leave my team and my wife and new born son. I did it for my life and my kids' life. When I arrived at the first practice people were shocked to see me because I am the first african american baseball player in the MLB. Of course I go around and try to get to know people that played my position but barely anyone wanted to talk to me. They all started walking away.

Moving on to the first game I played. When I ran out of the field there were so many racial names I was called and it got to my head. It did affect my game. It affected everything I did. Hitting, Fielding, and even throwing the baseball. I couldn't concentrate on what I was there for. I feel like I wasn't wanted. I feel like I shouldnt of accepted my offer there because people were still making fun of me.

This is what happened when I wanted to fulfill my dream of the sport of my life, baseball. I woke up back up into reality and couldn't stand all the riots and everything that started to me. It was too overwhelming and I ended up dying of a heart attack in 1972 when I was 53. I died in the place where I wanted to, my home. Maybe it was for the best in everyone's case because of all the damage I incorporate in everyone's life. That's what happened to me.