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Journey of life

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In implement daily life my opinion is very hard for me because until now i feel difficult times such as unemployment where does not have money when no money Ii just thinking about my future whether I will undergo a bleak future or end up with happiness and of course if i have to pick the answer is i would like end up with happiness. The period of unemployment I've sent job applications to various companies whose results are no call to work despite calls to do the job but the work where more use power of self or hospitality ( like customer service or the other). actually use the power of self and hospitality (like customer service or the other) it is jobs where I often run it before but maybe that's my ability.

During the period of unemployment I've tried applying for a job in the various company like domestic companies or national companies and foreign companies where in accordance with my wishes in the hope of good facilities such as healthcare facilities, company car, a good pension, but until now I still can not work in domestic companies or national companies as well as foreign companies in jakarta. but even now i still try to looking for jobs in jakarta or out of town because i like the working atmosphere in jakarta or out of town where have good qualities and can make a good impact for me to be better.

Undergo in year 2008 after a period of unemployment for a little over two years I was finally able or accept to work in overseas through labor services precisely in doha, qatar actually if given the choice I prefer choice to work in my own country because the situation for my self do not have the money then i choose work in doha, qatar when i received to work in doha, qatar and I have a purpose to umra because trip from qatar to saudi arabia is close and can be reached by vehicle or bus.

To sufficient of my life in doha, qatar I borrow money from my parents because i I do not have a cent of money for one month to live in doha, qatar but something makes me happy where companies the place i am work give a help to lend money on pay cut in salary for several months but whatever happens I have to save or economize money in the other hand i have to replace my parents' money because i borrow before from my parents money.

After working more than one year and "Alhamdulillah" from my money finally i could to submit the car installment exactly in 2010 where my goal is to be used with my parents because in year 2008 i have the old car which temperatures are hot and air conditioning is sometimes cold and sometimes is not cold and through that basic the reason why I decided to installment the car. finally that car can make my parents happy because can use the car without thinking about where temperatures is hot or a stalled car on the road and I like from my car is equipped with "GPS" facility (the search tool path) "Alhamdulillah" my car payments now entering two years and five months is getting close to the acquittance for five years and repayment period I lived two years seven months again.

In the year of 2010 "Alhamdulillah" i can bring my parents take vacation to singapore and in the month of june for second times can bring my parents with my younger brother for a vacation to singapore and malaysia actually still a lot that I cannot do to please or to make happy my parents but I am trying to please or to make happy both my parents.

After three year and three month i work in overseas exactly for the month of october in the year 2011  i make decisions to resigned from place where my self work after that i am back to my lovely country with happy heart because a long time i don't met my family and until now I still looking for a job.

But that makes me happy is in the month of ramadan can be gather together with all family members at home while can breaking the fast or iftar and eat "sahur" because in three years before i don't ever breaking fasting or iftar and eat "sahur" together with my family.

Now i have a little bit activity like join business travel with my friend where located at home in fact turned out for the marketing aspect is not easier because I must to know people who frequently travel use airplane and current activities of the marketing strategy of the easiest is I spread the news about my travel agent via facebook (fb) and the address my website is "taufiqtravel.com". for the last word of i wish writing can be useful for myself and the people who read my writing.


Taufiq Rilhardin

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