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Hello. Welcome to my blog. A little bit about me: I live in Indonesia. I have been working in education sectors (secondary and tertiary levels), management, training, as well as humanitarian works. I was particularly building my career as a counselor and a therapy practitioner, and also would like to pursue my specialisation in the field of Special Needs Education in the near future. I like reading, writing, volunteering works and learning new things. That's why I'm keen to consider myself as a lifelong learner.




My Parents' Role in Encouraging Good Reading Habits

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My Parents' Role in Encouraging Good Reading Habits
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Back in the day when I was a little, I truly remembered that I was always happy every time my parents brought home some books after going back from outside the city. Most of the books were children story-books. I also recalled, only my brother and I had so much interest in books at that time and like reading them, of course. As the time went on, our books' collection were getting many and many more, day by day and it turned out becoming a small library in our family.

As I grew up, not to mention, my interest in reading books were getting vaster. I was particularly more interested in reading fiction books. When all the books at home have been all read, I went to the City-Centre to borrow books in a sort of rental-books' store. Fortunately, my parents allowed and supported me to do so. I usually went there as soon as the school finished. My interest was so much so that all the books at the rental house were all done to be read by me as well, fulfilling my "hungriness" in reading and it could be said that books have been becoming my "best friend" since then.

With all these nice experiences, special thanks go to my parents whom have provided their children such incredibly good sources to enhance knowledge as well as to enrich imagination and creativity. And my great appreciation goes to them as well that they acknowledged reading books at the early ages was the best foundation for their children to open the world's doors the years later in their lives and any of good possibilities as many as possible confidently and successfully.*