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Three Korean Food That I Want to Try!

25 April 2012   17:39 Diperbarui: 25 Juni 2015   06:07 140 0 2 Mohon Tunggu... After browsing on so many websites, I guess that practically basis of korean and indonesian food have some similarities . It can be seen from the spices of their food. The thing that make them different is how to cook and serve their food. Every country has its own unique food , especially Korea. You must familiar with 김치 Kimchi , right?. Kimchi is korean traditional food . I’ve often seen kimchi when I watched korea drama series or kind of reality show of Korea. I’ve seen Song Hye Kyo ate kimchi, Dae Janggeum cooked kimchi , Victoria and Nichkhun cooked kimchi together , and then Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung and Junsu ate it.hehehe ^^

Indonesian people said that if their didn’t eat rice yet, they didn’t feel Okay, the second korean food which i wanna try is 비빔밥 Bibimbap ! From the information that I collected, 비빔밥 Bibimbap is a food made by mixing rice with various other cooked vegetables such as fernbrake, roots of ballon flower, bean sprout, beef, red pepper paste, and sesame oil. We can change beef with egg too. Bibimbap is full of nutrients. So i have to try it! The last one, korean food that i wanna try is 해물탕 Haemultang ! You can’t avoid its tasteful, can you? 해물탕 Haemultang is Seafood stew. This food is so spicy because of red pepper paste and red pepper powder. Of course, as Indonesian, I like spicy so much. The extremely taste of Haemultang is that it can make our tongue sway.hehe .finally like I said in previous, I have to extremely try it! And the important thing is I have to try all this food in KOREA :D