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Philosophy 10

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Science comes from the Arabic word 'ilm, which can be interpreted as a very important thing in human life in the world in order to improve the quality, ability and improve the existence of human beings. A quite striking difference between science and knowledge is according to the truth. A certainty is confirmed because it has been through a research process that is supported by facts. As for knowledge, the truth is still uncertain because it has not been scientifically confirmed.

Philosophy is a science that has existed since ancient times and is considered a mother of science. With the philosophy of science developing and giving birth to new knowledge and theories that have never existed before.

Religion is closely related to life. Basically religion is a belief in beliefs that affect human life. Religion is used as a belief that can lead to behaviors such as worship, prayer, and the existence of fear, optimism, resignation for adherents.

The similarities between science, philosophy, and religion are together to find the truth. Science through its scientific method seeks truth by conducting research and inquiry to find that truth. Philosophy by taking the nature of something good about nature, humans and about God. Religion in its own way provides answers to all the basic problems of nature, humans and God.

There is a difference between science, philosophy, and religion where science and philosophy come from human reason or reason, while religion is from God's revelation.

Science seeks truth by inquiry (research), experience (empirical), and experimentation (experimentation). Philosophy discovers truth or policy by means of reason or ratio carried out in depth, comprehensively, and universally.

The truth obtained or discovered by philosophy is purely the result of human thought (logic), by way of contemplation (thinking) that is deep (logic) about the nature of something (metaphysics). Religion teaches the truth or gives answers to various human rights through revelation or scripture in the form of God's word.

The truth that is obtained through science, by means of the investigation is positive truth, that is truth or theory that is more powerful theorem or reason.

Philosophical truth is speculative truth, in the form of conjectures that cannot be proven empirically, research and experimentation. Both the truth of science and the truth of philosophy are both relative (relative), while the truth of religion is absolute (absolute), because the teachings of religion are the most true revelation, the absolute absolute.

1. Not all knowledge can be a science, but knowledge that has certain characteristics, arranged systematically, methodically, and certain conditions.
2. Epistemology is one branch of philosophy that discusses knowledge. In epistemology discussed the nature of knowledge and methods of knowledge.
3. Religion is an urgent matter to guide and as a way of life so that people live in peace in the world because of the guidance taught by each religion. Religion functions for humans in both individual lives and community life. For Muslims life in the world is temporary and only a game as for the afterlife is eternal life.
4. There are differences and similarities in science, philosophy and religion, which is about truth.