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Axiology Philosophy

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Axios comes from the Greek word axio which means value and logos means theory so axiology is a theory of values. Axiology learns about something that is real truth. And also discusses the values of true or false.

There are two parts namely

* Ethics is a branch of axiology that deals with moral issues. Ethical studies focus more on the attitudes, norms and customs that apply to certain communities. In ethics, the virtue of behavior that is full of responsibility to oneself, society, nature and to God as the creator.

* Aesthetics is a field of human study that questions the value of beauty. Beauty implies that in everything there are elements which are arranged in an orderly and harmonious manner in a unified whole relationship. The point is that a beautiful object is not merely harmonious and well-patterned but must also have a personality.

Axiology flow:

* Idealism: The flow that assesses the merits of human actions should not be bound to the causes of birth, but must be based on higher spiritual principles (ideas).

* Pragmatism: a theory of truth that bases itself on criteria about the function of a statement within a certain scope of time and space (a form of application of idealism.

* Hedonism: A stream which holds that immorality is an act that gives rise to "hedone" (pleasure and delicacy). The foremost goodness and duty of a person is to find pleasure as his life's goal.

* Intuitionism: comes from the Latin intuitio which means scenery is a school that considers the existence of a high level of ability possessed by humans, namely intuition.