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Once upon a time, there was a poor little boy. He arrived at a small village. He's very hungry and weak. He knocked on every door and asked for some food, but no one would care about him.

Finally, a generous woman helped him. He gave the little ones a home and food. When the boy wanted to leave, this old woman gave him dimples, a big stick for pounding rice. The boy was happy and thanked her. The boy continued on his way. When he passed by a village, the boy saw many people gathered in a field. The boy approached and saw a walking stick on the ground. People challenge each other to pull out that stick. Everyone tried, but nothing worked. The crowd even laughed derisively. The boy wants to try his luck. He stepped forward and pulled up the stick. He can do it so easily. Everyone was stunned.

Suddenly, out of the hole with the stick, water gushed out. The water spout didn't stop until it flooded the village. And no one survived the deluge except a little boy and a generous old woman who had given him shelter and food. Eventually the whole village turned into a big lake.