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"Big Hero 6" (2014): Admire in Silence

28 November 2020   17:30 Diperbarui: 28 November 2020   17:45 66 2 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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"Big Hero 6" (2014): Admire in Silence

Name   : Anneke Virna Murdoko

NPM   : 200907198

The Big Hero 6 (2014) tells about a boy named Hiro Hamada who has a healthcare robot named Baymax. This film tells about the adventure of Hiro and his lovely robot, Baymax. The robot was made by Hiro’s big brother, Tadashi who was enrolled in the university of technology. Tadashi has made a prototype of Baymax and planning to make it replace the doctor for healthcare. 

One day in a technology exhibition, Hiro Hamada shows his work of magnetic mini-robots named Microbots. A professor feel envy towards Hiro’s work and decided to steal it. The professor made a scenario of fire. The fire kills Tadashi and left Hiro alone. Hiro feels so sad until one day he found Baymax and decided to get up from adversity.

Baymax can measure body temperature and do a medical check-up. He scans our emotions, internal organ performance, and physical performance. Baymax ready to help you in any situation, and not only body health, but Baymax also can take care of your mental health. Designed with a big and soft body, Baymax gives love and affection to the patient. 

Baymax is made of vinyl plastic so its comfortable to hug. Baymax has hyperspectro camera, titanium skeleton, and carbon fiber that makes it lighter. Tadashi put a chip that makes Baymax works fine, and he claimed that Baymax will help lots of people out there.

Once Tadashi passed away, Hiro was very sad and didn’t want to continue his study in university. Until one day, Baymax inspired him to get back to school. Tadashi’s friend support Hiro to develop his work of the Microbots. This Microbots may look simple, but it has great advantages. With just a neurotransmitter that used as a headband, we just have to think anything and the Microbots will do it. Microbots can do building construction in a short time, a substitute of transportation, and will be very useful for human life.

We don’t have to be afraid of the emersion of the technology, we just have to sort it out. I was amazed because of every technology that has been shown in the film. Admire the greatness of human’s creation and brain that can make lots of useful technology. I’m wondering, can we make that comes true in the future? 

With technology, we will do everything faster and easier. Innovation and creation bring many things that we never thought of. Imagine that one day, all around us are running automatically. Technology may not bring a positive impact in every field of our life, but we can’t deny that we will depend on technology in the future.