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Hurts behind Jokes

2 Desember 2020   20:04 Diperbarui: 3 Desember 2020   01:49 63 3 0 Mohon Tunggu...

I wanna write in English. I apalogize you guys for my messy English. But you know, it's caused because i don't find somebody for being my friends in English practice yet. So, i decide to study English own even in speaking. Yes, i try to speak English with my self. It sounds crazy, right? But, i never give a damn for those who talking me behind.

I ever found a shit quote just like this "Life Is a Joke". I don't know who create this fuckin' reflection. But, you know, sometimes, it's happened. You look so happy outside, but you realize that, there so many fuckin' awful inside head and your heart. You make effort to find what the reason of this fauckin' shit on your head. Every day you feel nothing and alone. But, You never find what the reason of that. For real bro, you know what i'm sayin', You are depressed.

There so many reason of this feeling. Maybe because of your childhood, your family problem, your job, your girlfriend, etc. Above all, you have to find something for healing your self. There are no others way except your own for solving that problem. I know that, this is just like a sharing or whatever. But, if you guys be honest, you have or will feel it.

Hurts behind jokes. Nobody knows that you are depressed if you don't share it to your friend. But, the problem is to whom you wanna tell that damn feeling? Who can be trusted? And, you know, sometimes, you feel weird for discussing about this personal experience for your friends. Because of that, somebody just keep that feeling own.

I never believe in smiling selfie that somebody upload on social media. I never believe that you guys are all right, motherfucker! So, shut the fuck up bitch, when i'm accusing you all are fuckin' liar. Please, just be honest! Whatever you uploaded in social media is just freakin' of hurts, buddy!. How pretty your smile before your friends isn't mean that you are happy.

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