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Ruby Market #3 First Impressions

30 November 2022   13:21 Diperbarui: 2 Desember 2022   02:27 51
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Friday, 16 September 2022 - Rumah BUMN Yogyakarta holds an event called Ruby Market with the theme "Collaboration In Local Market" which is held once a week at 10.00-15.30 only. This event took place at the BRICafe x Couvee Terrace which is located at Jl. Team Sagan. No. 123, Terban, Kec. Gondokusuman, City of Yogyakarta, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55223.

We, students of Aisyiyah Yogyakarta University, were invited for the first time to visit the Ruby Market which was enlivened by 12 MSME presenting a variety of products such as outer Wastra, yogurt and gelato, chocolate powder drink, goat's milk, cow's milk chicken dim sum, bread and gluten cake and market snacks other.

The event did not only present products but there was a very interesting talkshow, one of the talkshows that I took part in was Slow Fashion Style Innovation with the Indonesian Wastra Tie Technique which was delivered by a guest speaker named Rony Billiardo Tinus who is the Owner of Billiardo Indonesia & Fashion Choreographer.

However, there is not only one talkshow but divided into 3 segments, namely Introduction to gut health, and Corner for wraps: "Processing cotton patchwork into foodwraps for re-use". In the talkshow visitors can also get shopping vouchers for those who can answer the talkshow quiz. The event that day was very busy, extraordinarily busy and fun to be able to attend and gain experience at the event.

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