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De Javu! They Mention the Noah Ark!

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De Javu! They Mention the Noah Ark!

Sunday, December 26, 2004 is still like usual Sundays. A quiet, peaceful Sunday, and until one day an unforgettable disaster came over, snatched valuable assets, houses, magnificent buildings, trees, up to thousands of lives were taken that day. The wave comes rolling and destroys everything in front of it. People are running for help, they think that this is the end of time. Doomsday has arrived.

Precisely in Lampulo village, residents who were running around to save themselves, ran to the streets asked for help, and there were also those who climbed the second floor of their neighbor's house. On the second floor of the house, 25 people were scared, screamed, cried and apologized to each other. they kept on remembrance, and just prayed and prayed.

"This is the end of our lives," they said. Until finally the water was about the size of their chest, one of them headed to the second floor terrace and saw a fishing boat caught on the roof to the left of the house. He asked all the people to get into the boat, the young men went up and then pulled the others to haik into the boat.

In the boat, there were 34 people who turned out to have climbed into the boat before the boat caught on the roof of the house. For hours in the boat, they felt hungry. And like a miracle, one coconut bunch was washed away near the boat and they immediately took it and ate the coconut. 59 people from infants to the elderly are on the boat.

In the afternoon, the water had receded. They go down one by one with wooden stairs in the house. And the boat was still stuck on the roof of a house belonged to one of the families in the village. Thousands have died, their neighbors have disappeared, and 59 people on the boat have survived. Like a miracle, until someone called this boat like the Noah ark, saved dozens of people from the disaster that we call the Tsunami.

Today, 20 march 2019, the boat is revered as a sort of Noah's ark, but it is also a daily reminder of what happened. Everyone has a different story about how the boat saved them. People even make stories up.

How to get there?

To reach this tourist attraction is not difficult, this place located in Lampulo Village, Kuta Alam District, Banda Aceh. and it is adjacent to the Lampulo Health Center office, just behind the Banda Aceh elementary school 65. Or if you are confuse to find this place, you can use google maps to find the location or you can go with vehicle or public transportation like grab, gojek, rickshaw, etc.