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Trans Java Expedition Journal #3

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Trans Java Expedition Journal #3


For the last time hello again!

So we almost finish our expedition today and now we are heading to the last pitstop which is the third pitstop on Mojokerto Tollroad. Now, the time at 09.00 pm, and we still have some products to sell. By the way, on the former pitstop we succeed to overcome our obstacle by using our new marketing strategy. We raised as much as twice than the first pitstop income. And we expecting we can keep and continue while improving this new strategy to accomplish the target that we already set at the beginning. Eventhought we succeed to overcome the former obstacle, we found another one, which is the additional purchase that we did earlier having difficulties for having a customer, mostly the customer having interest in food&beverage because our customer on the second pitstop  is a shop/tenant and were not an individual customer. While having this obstacle, we could still raise the sale by maximize and focus on selling all of food&beverage products. By doing this, we succeed having more than 50% of total amount our food&beverage products.  

 For the next pitstop we boost out sale on food&beverage product and we expecting we could sale all of it. Another strategy that we have is going to split up in to two groups whereas the first group is focusing on food&beverage sale product, while others starting to sell into individual customer for additional purchase that we did which is consist of slingbag, waistbag, key wallet, nose mask, umbrella, carpet, bucket hat, mini towel, hand-held etoll. We believe ,this new strategy would works very well. If the situation is not permissible, we would like to focus on selling additional purchase to individual customer since it value much more than food&beverage products. In order to work with this secondary plan, we would like to maximaize our negotiation skill to our customer.

Please kindly pray and support us to complete all the mission and we can survive until tomorrow!