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"JOBS" (2013), On Its Techonology in Education

27 November 2020   16:24 Diperbarui: 27 November 2020   16:41 24 3 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Adrianus Aryo Saputro /200907163

Technology is a thing that support and assist human activities. Technology is growing very fast now. At this time, according to the topic. I will talk about the educational side of the technologies that shown from a movie and the title is jOBS (2013). This movie tells the story of the beginning of Steve Jobs to build a very famous company, namely Apple. Apart from the interesting and inspirational Steve Jobs story in building Apple, it cannot be denied that in the film there are also various interesting technologies to discuss. So let's begin.


GUI is a system that make the users are able to operate a computer device. User friendly GUI is able to make users interact with computer devices easier. The GUI in the film jOBS (2013) was shown when Steve Jobs accused Bill Gates stealing the code and design from his Macintosh GUI. The correlation with education is when a computer with a user-friendly GUI, it can help and make it easier for students and the public to use computers and access information.


Web browser is a software that has a functions to surf and search for information in various websites according to the entered keywords. The correlation with education is that the web browser work as a tool for students and the public to find the desired information.


iMac is a personal computer made by Apple that is commonly used by people to work and support the productivity. The correlation with education is the iMac is a tool used by students and the public to do all the job and as a tool to access a web browser in search of information.

Actually, there are so many Apple product that are featured in this movie, but I only show the technologies that are used for the education purpose. Thank you.